Our Privacy And Quality Policy

Our Vision

To help clients achieve all types of image editing requirements, faster delivery and to produce results that directly, and positively impact our clients’ business objectives.

What We Believe in


We are committed to providing the best customer experience. We have a zero-tolerance policy on quality and also a 100% customer satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

Service Quality

We believe in providing top-notch photo editing service with zero tolerance. We have an uncompromising QA team, photo editing tools, and latest photoshop technology to ensure that. Our quality policy also ensures 100% satisfaction to clients.

Privacy Policy


Contact Information

TradeXcel Graphics provide zero tolerance for contact information sharing. We do not provide your contact information to any other parties other than our own usage.

Image Copyright

Image copyright of our client or their clients is our highest priority. We will not share, provide or use images of our customers. We have strong monitoring system to identify Copyright theft for our customers.

Resource Hacking

We have a protection system against hackers and use secured servers for file transfer. We also block search engine bots from crawling resources from our private servers.


As a large scale clipping path service provider, we strongly believe in teamwork that ensures us the highest level of quality, scale, and growth.

Quality of Life

Outsourcing is meant for ensuring the quality of life for those who outsource jobs to us. We are always aware of this fact and strive to provide hands-free and worry-free outsourcing solutions for image editing. Being based in one of the best countries with cheap labor, we also ensure the quality living standard of our industry as well.

Green Office

Like other western offices, we operate a paperless office. Most of our work-stations are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We also practice the reduction of wastage and recycling.


We comply with most of the debating issues related to Business Process Outsourcing. Starting from employee wages to environmental concerns. We are also strongly against child labor.

Social Business

We are firm believers in the Social Business concept of Dr. Yunus, the Nobel Peace Laureate from Bangladesh. Tradexcel was established on the objective of social business. It was initiated to utilize the existing industry professionals to better market and help highly skilled graphic designers work in a better environment and improve their livelihood.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy


We consider each customer as our partner and provide the highest level of accountability. We are also accountable to our employees and the graphic design industry of Bangladesh.

Privacy and Security

We have the most sophisticated privacy and security policy that safeguards our customers. We provide guaranteed safety of all your information, files, and resources. We work with honesty and follow all the image editing privacy and policies of our clients also.

Quality is the First Word

Quality is measured in terms of the client’s instruction for the related image post processing project. It is checked in every stage of photo post processing as per the client’s requirement or not. Every instruction should be covered throughout the whole process. Before uploading the final processed work, it is checked again.

Our QA Process

We practice Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy. Therefore, we have developed 4 step quality assurance with 3 levels supports through QA Team:

  • Supervisor Level
  • QA Team Level X 3
  • Supervisor Level
  • Delivery Level

Supervisor Level

We have many senior graphics designers and photoshop experts who are working as supervisors and instructors to ensure the best quality photo post processing services for our clients. They work as standby professionals to monitor photo editors in each workstation in their team.

QA Team Level

When an image editor completes his/her image editing work, It is sent to the quality assurance team. Another team then checks them with our customized software for errors and fix if any found. Then it is sent to other teams where Sr. Photoshop experts check them manually as per clients requirements.

Image Delivery Level

After that, it is sent to the customer service department who uploads them to the client’s FTP or email. That is the process of how to assure our quality in every level of work.

Additional QA Levels

To ensure better quality for the future and grow the skills of employees, we also have even more levels that help us in ensuring steady growth, best practices, cost, and waste minimization.

Customer Satisfaction

We base our quality of service on customer satisfaction. We periodically monitor customer satisfaction and make corrections and/or arrange in-house image editing training for our employees also.

Project Management Level

Our project managers are responsible for managing various processes and best practices to ensure the best working intelligence to ensure total quality management at every level.

Human Resource Management Level

We provide various training and design corporate protocols based on providing Total Quality Management (TQM). We also make sure that every employee in our company is aware of the QA factors of other departments and production units.

Quality is more important than price!

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