Software Resources

We use image-editing solutions software to accomplish your needs. We have cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) for all of our Adobe Products including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Our Resources-Server

TGL has a highly sophisticated Server, and all the data transmission is possessed under a secured channel. All the data and images are secured.

We have dedicated internet connection for uploading your project to your FTP server.


We use highly configured PCs for graphics design and image editing solutions. We have 80 PCs and 20 iMacs. We have Cumulative Licensing Programs (CLP) for all of our Macs and PCs.

QA Tools and Technologies

We use customized software to check for errors. TGL Photoshop QA Tool, checks and resolves the following issues:

1.     Extra path  (the software will detect and point out any extra path with a red circle).

2.     Open path  (the software will detect and point out any open paths with a red circle).

3.     Extra/Unwanted anchor points  (the software will detect any extra/unwanted anchor points and marks it with a red circle).

4.     Out of canvas anchor point/open path – detects and gives x/y axis values to find the point

5.     Detects and removes blank spaces before or after path names (i.e. “silo”, “path – “)

6.     Detects and replace capital letters (i.e. Path1 -> path 1)

Quality is more important than price!

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