Invisible mannequin is an art which brings your product images to life. Shutterbugs can list a variety of products at a cut-price and in quick time with ease. 

Some of the categories for ghost mannequin effects service include 2D neck joint, 3D / 360-degree packshot, neck joint, bottom joint, jewelry presentation, etc. 

The hollow effect has an increasing demand since it can make your products highlighted for the sectors like:

  • All types of garments items for eCommerce sites and online businesses,
  • Pre-press works and business vendors.
  • Designing catalogs, advertisements, etc. 
  • Apparel items such as shirts, pants, trousers, sweaters, lingerie, belts, jerseys, ornaments, etc. 
  • Eliminate spots, folds, dust from images for making outfits in shape and clean.

TradeXcel Graphics can create high-quality 3D images, which is reproducible each time. We value both your money and time.