Getting new clients and raising brand popularity, few other things are as useful as a perfect quality image.

The photo retouching technique found an essential part when working with products, fashion models, wildlife images, etc.

Some of the categories for image manipulation effects service include

  • Clipping and masking of the photos.
  • Portrait retouching: skin glowing, crinkle removal, etc.
  • eCommerce product retouching: shadow and reflection effect, shade and undesired things removal.
  • Architectural: removal of wires, outlook correction, high dynamic range for more attractive pictures.
  • Corrects image color and exposure.
  • Fashion Retouching: contouring, body shaping, even complexion, etc.
  • For automotive retouching: background creation, color correction, removal of unwanted elements, etc.
  • Photo manipulation, restoration, 3D image editing and much more.

TradeXcel Graphics will help you out to increase the appeal and quality of your images, thus improving their value.