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Clipping path service is a photo editing process that helps to create paths around any object and select it to isolate it from the background. While removing the background or isolating an image from the background, one thing that will give you a tough time is getting the edges accurately. Photo clipping service ensures the accuracy of the edges while cutting out pictures from its background.


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Getting attention to detail to produce impressive photos plays a significant role especially when you are an online retailer. Product photos of online shops demand transparent backgrounds which help the actual product to get the limelight and because of that most of the eCommerce stores have image requirements regarding that. Image clipping is not only to isolate the image from the background but also to add shadow and retouching where required.

Experts of Tradexcel Graphics use the hand-drawn clipping path technique to get an accurate path selection using the pen tool which gives full control over the path.

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Around The Clock Processing

Around The Clock Processing

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Efficient Time Management

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Fastest Response Time

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Free Trial Up to 5 Image

Free Trial Up to 5 Image

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Sorts of Clipping Path Services

Depending on the difficulty level of image clipping, the photo cut-out technique falls into different categories. The difficulty level is measured based on the anchor points, curves, and the time it takes for a photo to complete the selection.

Simple Image Clipping

Images with straight edges and very few curves require a simple clipping path service. It takes almost no time for our photoshop experts to complete creating paths around the edges of a product image that falls into this category. Products like boxes, bracelets, bottles, and balls are the best candidates for simple or basic image clipping. The price for this category is what the clipping paths service starts at, which is 0.39$.

Multi Image Clipping

In this photo clipping service, the number of curves increases, and the time consumption is also a bit higher than the previous one. Images might have multiple products or may require multiple layers with paths in one frame, and the products might have complex edges and curves. Some of these images require multiple paths to cover, so this category is called a multi-clipping path.

Complex Photo Clipping

From this category, the image clipping starts becoming complex as the products that fall into this can contain many petite and curvy edges. A group of shoes, watches, motor parts, rings,  shoes, foods, a chain, people, furniture, etc.… are suitable for medium image clipping service. Some of the images might have tiny and noisy backgrounds, and experts need to zoom in multiple times to get there.

Super Complex Image Clipping

This category is the toughest of them all, which is why in this category, images have super complex edges and curves. Experts create paths in multiple layers for a single product in this image cut-out solution, and to capture every single detail of a super complex product, experts have to give more time to the process. To clip successfully and accurately images such as machinery and jewelry, Tradexcel Graphic includes fast selection, pen tools, canal masking, and various tools and techniques.

Areas Where Clipping Path Service Is Mandatory

A best clipping path service is considered as the base of flawless image editing in photoshop. While editing the image, experts need to select different portions of the image and the selection must be accurate to get proper editing. Photographers can get a perfect shot but this doesn’t mean that the image is ready to use for commercial purposes.

To make the image ready to use commercially, post-processing is mandatory and the editing starts with selecting which is done by image clipping. Sometimes the subject loses its charm because of some unwanted object or distractive backdrop in the frame.

In that case, cutting out the object or removing the background can save the day and the silo path in photoshop allows you the perfect cut you desire. Apart from removing the background, image clipping is useful for photo retouching, creating shadows, correcting the color of your image.

Why do online store owners outsource image clipping services?

Online store owners outsource their image clipping services to get the best image and manage a large number of files quickly. Managing thousands of images, doing post-processing, and tracing them is challenging for the owners. 

Product photos of online stores go through a total makeover because of the image requirements eCommerce brands have. They are so following all the requirements while post-processing every image is a time-consuming and tiresome task. Moreover, online retailers have to look out for other issues, which will hamper if they start editing their photos.

Outsourcing your product photo editing from us will take away all of your hassles with the post-processing of a large number of files. We have experts who are specialized in photo editing for online stores.

Why is Clipping Path Service important for an e-commerce business?

For the eCommerce business, it is vital to show all the product features you are selling flawlessly, along with a jaw-dropping product image. And to capture every detail with every feature accurately, deep etch service is the only professional solution. 

Adobe Photoshop cc has different selection tools, and most of them are easy to use, but using those tools to select accurately will be difficult. These tools will work well with straight and precise edges, but not all the photos will have nice and clean edges. Using the photoshop pen tool, our expert creates paths around the edges manually with the Wacom tablet. 

No matter how complicated and unclear the edges are, manual photo clipping can pull out and select it. The only requirement of the hand-drawn manual deep etching technique is using the pen tool in photoshop with an expert hand.

Is Background removal a part of clipping path/silo path service?

The background removal is not a part of the silo path service, but the clipping path process is required to cut out any background from an image. So we can say that image clipping is a part of the background removal service, and it is an important one. To get the best background erasing experience, images must first undergo the silo path technique because selecting the area accurately that needs to remove only manual clipping can help.

Almost every image requires a background removal service, and to get the accurate cut every time silo path as well, but all the results of these services depend on a thin but essential string called the expert hand. Tradexcel Graphics experts help you fill the gap between an ordinary photo to a masterpiece one. 

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