Ghost mannequin effect is an art which allows the removal of mannequin and background to give a hollow look.

Do you want to display only images of your garments without the dummy or model? Then giving effect to your products by ghost mannequin photography service is impeccable for you.

What Is Ghost Mannequin Effect Service?

Ghost mannequin is an excellent image editing service, which allows you to join the photographs captured from various angles.

Thus, image of the product, especially the rear and front side, provides an extensive 3D model by using different Photoshop tools.

Before Ghost Mannequin EffectAfter Ghost Mannequin Effect

TradeXcel Graphics apply ghost mannequin to provide a hollow or ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop to represent your product effectively from the separate images of different parts.

We are ready to support you with the complete solution for all your product photos for eCommerce goods or online item selling service.

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Invisible Ghost Mannequin Service: For Whom?

A money saving way when promoting your products is applying vivid techniques of ghost mannequins for those. The reason is, dummies are often distractive at an outcome invisible ghost mannequin can be a paragon.

Ghost removal service is suitable for:

  • Designing catalogs
  • eCommerce sites and online vendors
  • Garments items
  • Remove wrinkle, spots and dust from Photographs

Why Our Neck Joint Service Is Very Impressive

During the establishment of our business, we have ameliorated thousands of clients for millions of images with our ghost mannequin technique.

The main services comprise of:

  • 360° or 3D Packshot
  • Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin
  • Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin
  • Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

The best ghost mannequin editing service by TradeXcel Graphics has come by the reliability and satisfaction of the clients.

Tradexcel Graphics has some credentials, which makes us the best.

  • Proper awareness about Ghost Mannequin, Neck Joining, and 3D imaging
  • The complete familiarity of the image formatting and its usability
  • Creative in creating an image that is essential to suit the purpose
  • Always assure high-quality work at the cheapest price
  • Price doesn’t impact on the work quality
  • Value our promises and pessimist in client dealing
  • Pessimistic in fault recognition and compensation
  • Expertise in using the updated technologies
  • Our clients’ satisfaction is the key to our success.
  • This results in becoming the best ghost mannequin editing service provider around the world.
Before Ghost Mannequin Effect 01After Ghost Mannequin Effect 01

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Effect Photoshop Service at TradeXcel Graphics

Ghost mannequin is effective for garments, jewelry, lingerie, cosmetics, and many other products. You may get tons of advantages for using the best ghost mannequin effect photoshop service.

  • Improvement of the color of the clothes
  • Natural 3D appearance of the cloth by joining the front and rear
  • Proper color adjustment
  • Amend or removal of milieu
  • Improve the texture and add glamour to the attractive parts
  • Fixing the pixel and brightness

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How to Improve the Quality of Image with Ghost Removal Service

When a customer wishes for online shopping, they tend to like those items offered by pleasant and seamless images of the product.

So, an e-commerce product seller or online shopkeeper should display items using tempting photos. When an online goods seller uses the dress photos with dummy or mannequin, it doesn’t help draw the attraction of buyers more than without a dummy.

Thus, the mannequin or ghost removal service, without any doubt, is vitally important for an online product seller. For example, giants store like amazon or eBay, hope you know, have some minimal terms and conditions for ecommerce product photography.

So, if you want to increase your product sell, few other techniques are as good as eCommerce image editing to apply.

What TradeXcel Graphics Can Do for You

Tradexcel Graphics is unique in using the technique for ghost mannequin product photography, which creates high-quality 3D images and is reproducible each time. Our cordial professionals have the skill to know your requirement in details to create quick results.

We understand the importance of your time and the urgency of the business.

Therefore, we ask each detail clearly to add value to your business. Hence, our team can implement the ghost mannequin photography technique for taking mannequin away with ease.

TradeXcel Graphics pros are creative in

  • Making a realistic 3D image of your product
  • Fixing the color, resize the image and straight the squeezed parts
  • Taking the mannequin design away
  • Producing realistic 360°/ 2D/ 3D look
  • Fixing the front, rear, and a middle portion
  • Improving the allure and reduce the model hiring cost
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Best Ghost Mannequin Effect Service in Bangladesh

Do you know what people love to see in an e-commerce site? Have you ever thought why your good quality cheap product fails to draw the attention of a customer?

Head notching!

Being the best ghost mannequin editing service seller all over the world, we can reveal the secret. People love to see the complete image of a product they are thinking to purchase.

Only the front or rear part can’t help them to understand the beauty of the product. Unfortunately, your product comes into the same presentation where people can see only the front or back.

For working in every sector of the image processing industry, we know the expense of photographs with a model from every view. However, the highly rare photographs of fashion garments do not help to show the product from every way.

Moreover, we understand the importance of customer’s decision for coming to your side. Ghost mannequin is not something joining the images to make a complete part, correcting the color, or clipping path.

Most of the survey on e-commerce fashion garments concludes the result of ghost mannequin effect as the cost-saving weapon. It is also an efficient way to engage customers with your product.

Tradexcel Graphics can help you to understand why these studies yield the same result.

First: Ghost mannequin doesn’t need a human model to shot the product. You can use a mannequin for the perfect capture, which saves at least 70% of the cost from hiring a model. So, it reduces the overhead product cost for promotion.

Second: It represents products at a 3D view, which shows the product completely to your customers. People prefer to buy after viewing a fashion item at a 360 look. It also influences the potential purchaser into the buyer. As a result, you will find more sale from your product.

As a result, the living model is no longer an essential part of presenting your garments items. It will reduce your investment in advertising for sure.

Saving the money will help you to concentrate on the product image capturing. For the rest of the task, you can rely on the best invisible mannequin photography.

As the industry leader, Tradexcel Graphics has been pioneering the image editing services for ecommerce Photography, neck joint service, retouching images and so on.

Our experts work with a variety of clients from all over the globe, which makes us connected with modern technologies and updated software.

Multiple client’s interactions nourish our professionals in dealings. Therefore, you will find them very cordial and efficient in understanding and supplying your requirements.

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Why the Ghost Mannequin Effect at TradeXcel Graphics Is Essential for Your Product

We can share many reasons why you need the best ghost mannequin editing service for fashion product photography.

As the Adobe Photoshop based company, we can add value to your business in many ways.

  • Saving money
  • Increase the allure
  • Add glamour
  • Fixing the milieu
  • Complete 3D image presentation
  • Attract more customer and create more revenue by more sale

Experts of Tradexcel Graphics know the right way to create the 3D image of your product by using the proven ghost mannequin technique without making any harmful creation.

Our experts have complete knowledge on the premium software like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Alien Skin, Adobe Element, etc. which are critical for creating the Hollow man effect.

Our team is artistic in the improvement of their knowledge and expertise for using the current technology. It makes us the best service provider for ghost mannequin effect Retoucher all over the globe. We provide the best 3D photograph according to your demand.

Skill, knowledge, hard work, and reliability help us to grow as the largest ghost product photography impression creator.

Regardless of the destination of the image, the best hollow or transparent mannequins service hosting company has the lab set up.

In the starting at 2006, Tradexcel Graphics was a freelance photo-editing firm. The strategic decision, continuous skill up gradation, cheap price for high-end output, makes us the global leader today.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Photoshop Can Boost Up your products sale

Our clients often recommend us for a drastic improvement in their products’ sale. Therefore, TradeXcel Graphics offer you to ask a sample from the best mannequin editing service all over the glob.

We have served more than a hundred clients with our proven technique for ghost mannequin effect. And this is effective for bringing business for them.

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