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Ghost Mannequin Services

The ghost mannequin effect service is considered the best way to present your apparel products because it improves the product images. So the sellers can make a profit more than they did with the models. To make the apparel product photos impressive using models and make them pose in stylish ways is an ancient strategy of marketers. But the rates and the maintenance fee of the models can touch the sky most of the time. So ghost mannequin service can be the perfect alternatives to model photography.







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Make Your Clothing Photography Effortless With Invisible Mannequin

Reduce Hassle Of Hiring Models

Make Your Clothing Photography Effortless With Invisible Mannequin

Photo Shooting models by wearing the product may increase the validation of that product and let marketers present their products exceptionally. But models are expensive so using a dummy can be a perfect choice. A mannequin is a human-shaped dummy that can replace the models easily. Online marketers are now using dummy mannequins for their product photography. Later in the post-processing, experts use the ghost mannequin service to get the model-like apparel image. Our team is artistic in the improvement of their knowledge and expertise for using the current technology. It makes us the best service provider for ghost mannequin effect retoucher all over the globe. 

Our Unique Features That Matters

Based on the mannequin removing processes and areas, the invisible mannequin service has four different categories. The reason for dividing and making the category is not all images require a complete dummy removal. Hence, it gets unfair to charge our clients for erasing a full-body mannequin and, in reality erasing only a few parts of it.

Around The Clock Processing

Around The Clock Processing

Our production team works on a roster basis. So you get non-stop image post-processing production.

Efficient Time Management

Efficient Time Management

Meeting the deadline isn’t any unique thing to offer but practicing it continuously by maintaining the quality which we provide matters in the long run.

Fastest Response Time

Fastest Response Time

We ensure the fastest response time and offer special arrangements in case of emergency projects.

Free Trial Up to 5 Image

Free Trial Up to 5 Image

We don’t want you to fall for any false promises so edit up to 5 images for free and judge our quality and pricing.

Ghost Mannequin Sample

Dive into our work gallery of ghost mannequin service where we prepared an eye pleasing display of our capabilities.

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Types of Ghost Mannequin Services

Based on the mannequin removing processes and areas, the invisible mannequin service has four different categories. The reason for dividing and making the category is not all images require a complete dummy removal. Hence, it gets unfair to charge our clients for erasing a full-body mannequin and, in reality, erasing only a few parts of it. 

Neck Joint Service

Most of the dummy removing process starts from here. Selecting the neck area and erasing it creates a gap in the backside’s inner portion, so experts fill the gap by bringing that portion from another image. This particular image retouching service suits best with clothing products with an extended neck area like shirts, tops, jackets, blazers, etc. Famous clothing brands such as Hermes, Prada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, House of Versace, and many more are the best candidates for this service. TGL guarantees the premium quality of this service and offers the best price possible to its clients.

Bottom Joint Service

 Clothing products with a long tail or backside often get cut down when post-processing experts erase the image’s dummy. Like the neck joint, service editors attach the bottom part’s inner portion by cutting it from another embodiment. So experts will require two images, one with the mannequin and another with only the back part of the product. Our experts ensure accurate picture cutout and attaching the back part to create the perfect bottom joint.

Sleeve Joint Service

Jackets and suits like clothing products have long sleeve, and when expert cut the mannequins palm from the sleeve part, it creates the same gap in the inner portion of the sleeve. So the expert attaches the missing piece of the sleeve in the sleeve joint service. This service requires more concentration as sometimes sleeves are small, tiny, or even transparent, and in that case, experts must be nitpicky about the editing we are.

Mannequin To Model

Another out of the box invisible mannequin service types is the mannequin to model transferring service. To complete this kind of operation, we will require two things: to shoot the models with some specific poses, and another is to shoot the dummy with the same to match the poses in the post-processing. Here you will capture the product photo using a dummy, and later in the post-processing expert will remove the mannequin and place an actual model in it.

3D/360 Packshot Effects



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A consumer continually searches for a product and decides to purchase it only if it has an alluring image. 3D/360 packshot ghost mannequin effect offers such an attractive product image to its consumer. Our expert hands have the experience to work on both the static and dynamic product image. This helps us to bring out the essential feature of the 3D/360 packshot ghost mannequin effect.



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Consider us as the best Ghost Mannequin service provider

To provide an eye-catchy mannequin removing service, a post-production house should have highly expert editors. Previous experience and must-have offer advanced features like on-time delivery, attractive price, emergency support, safety, and files security.

With over 200+ expert personnel Tradexcel Graphics offering its clients the best enterprise-grade ghost mannequin solution. From meeting the delivery time and provide a reasonable price to provide 24/7 query support, TGL never lets down its client’s desire and expectation.

When to use ghost mannequin

  • To give 3D or 360 effects on the product.
  • To provide a natural effect on products.
  • To avoid the hassle of models.
  • Improve the viewing experience of the consumers.
  • Reduce production costing.

When not to use ghost mannequin

  • To advertise the product with real-life use.
  • If the consumer wants models to showcase the product.

How can an invisible or ghost mannequin help the online clothing Business?

The online clothing business is evolving, and the taste of the customer is also changing. Because for the clothing business, style does matter, and fashion changes over time. The invisible mannequin perfectly matches the consumer’s taste to work with the clothing business’s latest trends and technology.

Invisible mannequin service increases customers' viewing experience by providing a future-like design to the image after erasing the dummy from the image. Our qualified photography editing professionals work with honesty and dignity to provide premium ghost mannequin service. 

Benefits of Invisible Mannequin Service in Clothing Photography

Clothing photographers often get panic attacks with their image post-processing. Because editing clothing pictures not just erasing the background or retouching it slightly. From liquifying the product to get the perfect alignment and shape to removing the dummy or the model to give it a ghostly look, every bit of the post-processing requires professional skills and experience. Photographers of apparel photography find it challenging to cope up with the shooting and the processing. So sometimes, to save time, they try tabletop photography or flat lay photography with the product. But flat lay photography can’t be the proper alternative to the ghost mannequin. Clothing photography has got a new age touch because of the invisible mannequin service, which helps it to match with the Rhythm of the era.

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