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TradeXcel Graphics, a world-class pre-press photo editing service provider, offers seamless, effective, and high-quality image editing solutions at an economical price range. We prefer Quality over price. We never deliver lower standards or quality when dealing with any image editing services.


Clipping Path

Get the best precise image cutting and increase sales

Through our manual hand-drawn clipping path service you get 100% accurate image cutout. Features that allow us to take every cut above the rest aren’t any unique ones but we maintain the consistency that very few do.

  • Maintain 100% Accuracy
  • Customized Image Clipping
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Competitive Price
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Ecommerce Image

Make product photos that generate sells

Our eCommerce product photo editing allows you to generate better product images to increase the sales. Get the best product retouching along with some advanced features for your product image.

  • Understand Product Framing
  • Bulk Project Handling Experience
  • Providing Accurate White Background
  • Following Online Image Requirements
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Photo Retouch

Create fabulous photos that make an impact

Our professional photo retouching service offers complete product photo editing where we aim to produce stunning finishes to product photos. Photos that stand out in the crowd increase sales. The service includes

  • Improve Image Quality
  • Applying Unique Filters
  • Removing Any Imperfections
  • High-end Skin Retouching
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Ghost Mannequin

Get model like effect on your apparel photos

Hard to get in touch with professional models or don’t want to go for the expensive option? Use a dummy mannequin to capture your product images, send us and sit back while we make them stunning.

  • Provide realistic look
  • Custom Model Replacing
  • Precise Mannequin Removing
  • Stunning 3D/360 Image Making
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Image Masking

Clipping Mask shines where clipping path fines

Unclear, hairy, furry, or fuzzy edges require masking to select and erase the background. It enhances the viewing experiences of the audiences by allowing experts to work on the impossible details. We offer

  • Rock Bottom Price
  • Bulk Order Processing
  • Specific Edge Detection
  • Professional Image Compositing
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Background Remove

Comprehensive Background Removing To Increase Sales

Every eCommerce retailer needs a white background image for the online store that is why background removal service is important. Most of the eCommerce platform has some product image requirements for their product listing. Despite being different platforms most of them have few common photo guidelines. These photo guidelines are for improving the customer’s viewing experience and growing trust among them about the product.

  • Get Solid White Background
  • Remove Unwanted Object
  • Bring The Subject Into Focus
  • Smooth Background Removing
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Shadow Creation

Add Shadow To Your Image Not On Your Business

Selling products online requires building trust among consumers and shadow creation service exactly does that. In eCommerce stores, consumers are unable to see or touch the product they are purchasing which creates a lack of authenticity and trust issues. Shadow makes your product photo more natural and believable for online platforms. This feeling is one of the key points to increase your sales.

  • Provide Depth To The Image
  • Provide Natural Look Images
  • Get Experts Working On Your Image
  • Increases Credibility and Trustworthiness
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Real Estate

Boost Your Property Business Today

Real estate image editing services offer different sorts of treatment to your property images. Adding greenery to the lawn, replacing the sky, retouching the building texture, or adding furniture to the room, with these editing you can improve any real estate images before showing them to the world. People will look at the images of your property before they come to visit it.

  • HDR Blending
  • Accurate Sky Replacement
  • Perfect Location Clean Up
  • Color Balancing For Interior and Exterior
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Automotive Editing

Achieve Stunning Vehicle Images To Increase Sales

As a vehicle dealer, you launch websites to showcase your latest and greatest collection to your consumer to boost your business. But due to the lack of impressive photos, it might backfire your business. So to ensure that never happens, maintaining quality while uploading your car images throughout your website (from your landing page to the product viewing page) has no alternatives. We offer premium automobile photo editing services by skilled professionals that can make your product’s digital appearance stunning.

  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Fix lighting, color, and resizing
  • Automotive dealer image editing
  • Precise shadow making
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Video Editing Service

High-Quality Video Editing Service

In today’s fast-paced digital world, video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to promote businesses and products. But producing a top-quality video isn’t enough; it also needs the magic of video editing to make it look stunning and engaging to the audience. This is where Tradexcel Video Editing Service comes into play. With a wealth of experience and a team of highly skilled editors, Tradexcel is committed to providing top-notch video editing services to its clients.

  • Around The Clock Processing
  • Efficient Time Management
  • Fastest Response Time
  • Free Trial Up to 3 Videos
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