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Shadow Creation Service

Be the only choice for your customer by making them stunned and making them believe in your products by the photos. Photoshop shadow creation service makes white background product photos believable rather than making them unrealistic after when the editor removes the background.







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Make Your Online Product Photos Realistic

Get Shadow Creation Service At Low Cost

After removing the background, the item seems floating, creating trust issues for its consumer if it goes online. Because in online stores, products are untouchable, so consumers find it challenging to build the connection between them and the item. Using photoshop product shadow, we can provide the depth of field to the product image, which validates it and makes it look realistic. Photoshop editors of Tradexcel Graphics work with an accurate and appropriate amount of photoshop shadows effect, which helps us to offer impressive product photos for online stores.

Our Unique Features That Matters

The features we are offering that make us different and unique from our competitors are developed from the things that matter to our clients.

Around The Clock Processing

Around The Clock Processing

Our production team works on a roster basis. So you get nonstop image post-processing production.

Efficient Time Management

Efficient Time Management

Meeting the deadline isn’t any unique thing to offer but practicing it continuously by maintaining the quality which we provide matters in the long run.

Fastest Response Time

Fastest Response Time

We ensure the fastest response time and offer special arrangements in case of emergency projects.

Free Trial Up to 5 Image

Free Trial Up to 5 Image

We don’t want you to fall for any false promises so edit up to 5 images for free and judge our quality and pricing.

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Types of Photoshop Shadow Creation Services We Provide

Adding shadow to the image using photoshop requires skilled hands if you want to do it right. Based on the shadow types, the service has four different processes to go with for our clients. A photo may require one or multiple shadow types simultaneously. Still, the major part of using shadow is maintaining the accuracy which the professionals of TGL can achieve and make it look effortless.

Natural Shadow Creation

Every object that we can touch, see and feel has a shadow in it, so when photographers capture photos of products or any objects, we will see the presence of the shadow. This is known as a natural shadow. When experts remove the background from an image, the natural shadow also gets erased from the image. So editors use the clipping path to select the natural shadow, and after background removal, they implement the natural shadow effect to retain the natural look. 

Drop Shadow Creation

As the name suggests, it's a shadow that is dropped at the bottom of the object to increase field depth. It's a popular photoshop shadow effect service for product photos. Online stores require stunning product images with excellent credibility to impress the consumer. With the drop shadow effect in photoshop, you can make your product image trustworthy to your customer. Consumers will get a feeling just like watching a real and genuine product and will end up purchasing.

Reflection/Mirror Shadow Effect

Products like jewelry, showpieces, plastic bottles, sunglasses, ceramic products, medical products, and electronic equipment like TV, smartphones, oven, etc., are the products that suit best for reflection/mirror shadow effect. The photoshop reflection effect resembles as if the product is on a mirror-like surface. Reflection shadow proves your product's visibility, vulnerability, and existence. You can use a reflective surface to create the shadow during the shooting, but when experts erase the background to make it solid white, the shadow will get lost. 

Retain Original Shadow

While shooting photos controlling the original shadows and using them accurately in the image may get tricky for several reasons, such as poor lighting conditions, unwise background selection, lack of proper camera settings, and many more. No matter whatever the reason is, we have to see through it, and that's why retaining original shadow marks its spot in the shadow-making service. Our photoshop professionals edit images using their years of experience and ensure perfection. 

Benefits of shadow creation service

Lighting and shadow are two of the major elements of a photo. Without proper lighting, you can't capture better images, and without shadow, you can't give depth to your image and make it look realistic. So the benefits of shadow-making service aren't any less than the photography lighting. Let's dive deep into some of the beneficial features that the photoshop shadow effect service holds.

Premium Quality Image

There is no space for any argument that the shadow effect helps to make premium quality images. Lack of shadow or a terrible shadow can destroy your image and ruin all the impressions. So shadow will make your image unforgettable if you apply it perfectly.

Natural Looking Image

In eCommerce stores, people buy a product only if its appearance convinces them, and the formation of a product online should be natural. Without shadow, products look floating, and it creates an unrealistic look. So shadow enables you to make a natural-looking image and also increases its charm.

Hiding Distractions

Sometimes you get the perfect shadow, but images get distractions in the background. So when experts erase the background, the shadow also gets cropped along with it. It is better to add a solid background before creating any shadow. After adding the solid background, if you add the proper amount of shadow, the image will lose its distractions and be an excellent version.

More Appealing

Online products must look appealing to grab consumers' attention. Using shadow, you can improve the conversion rate by making your product images more attractive.

Attention Grabber

Detailed and accurate shadow creation in photoshop can be the game-changer for your business. So experts with an eye for attention to detail and knowledge of using correct angles while making shadows can make the ultimate attention grabber product image.

When to Use Photoshop Drop Shadow Services

In short, improving the image quality and enhancing the appearance can be influenced by the shadow-making service. Competitors are increasing as time goes and so the competition of producing impressive product images. 

Consumers are continuously searching for interesting products or products with exciting presentations. If you want to stand out in the crowd with your product image and impress customers, then along with product photo retouching, shadow making is also beneficial. Making the opportunities of your consumers searching for unique things strongly demands a polished platform or website with premium material and photographs. 

Tradexcel Graphics provides premium image post-processing services to its clients, which helps them to captivate their audience.

Why Is Our Photoshop Shadow Creation Very Impressive?

The best combination of quality editing, fastest turnaround time, safety, security, and client-friendly solution for shadow creation in photoshop is the ultimate achievement of our years of working experience. Meeting your marketing goal wasn't as easy as it is now with our shadow-making service. Features that allow us to guarantee our service is given below:

Customizable Shadow Making Service

You can customize your photoshop shadow effect according to your budget and taste. Our concern is to provide the best possible image editing service to our clients to get premium images for their marketing.

Uninterrupted Assistance

Our customer support department is working 24/7 to provide any guidance regarding your queries. You can send your images to our free trial process to check our quality or just ask your query, and our experts will embrace you in no time.

Excellent Quality Service

For each project, we aim to retain the same consistency. We calculate and assess the deliverables of each project. Besides, our quality management professionals will make sure that you are 100% pleased.

Fastest Turnaround Time

One of the major take out from our years of working culture in photo editing is ensuring the fastest turnaround time by keeping the quality premium. It’s rare and tough to combine these two features when any emergency deadline occurs for companies but not for us because of our 15+ years of experience.

Safety and Security in Data Transfering

Risking your critical and classified unique images while transferring for outsourcing through an unsecured transferring system isn't a wise decision. At TGL, we have a personalized premium subscription to one of the best online file sharing systems and our FTP system to ensure data transfer.

Affordable Pricing

If you have budgetary limits, you should meet us. We have a tailor-made shadow creation service and will amend the project to provide cost-effective services.

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we use the premium version of the most widely used file-sharing mediums. So you get more safety and security of your files while sharing with us.

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