Top 10 Amazing Real Estate Photographers to Follow


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Amazing Real Estate Photographers

For people looking to buy apartments or properties, the first thing they see is the photos of that property. Roaming around each and every place to see the properties live is not wise, especially in this pandemic situation.

So people look for digital prints of properties first and select a few of them by staying home. This list would help consumers narrow down the places they might visit if they went out blindly unnecessarily.

Every real estate image must tell a story to its viewers. So to present real estate images that can impress its consumer, an experienced campaigner who can tell stories with his/her property images in real estate photography is what real estate agents should look for.

So if you wish to sell your apartment or real estate properties without waiting long and finding a buyer, then hire a professional photographer today.

Below, I bring you the top 10 best real estate photographers that can help you produce stunning interior and exterior property images. These photographers are skilled and highly experienced in real estate photography.

10 Best Real Estate Photographers to Follow

Real estate photography techniques are different from typical photography techniques. Yes, you can shoot real estate photos of your own, but only the professionals can bring perfection to it. 

Perfecting all the photography lighting and angles enhances the image. Real estate images require HDR photography techniques when you want to capture a detailed picture of them.

The following professional photographers can offer you perfect real estate photos to impress your buyers at first glance. And it matters!!! Because people interact and can establish an emotional connection with an image more quickly than anything.

And photos are the only medium that can strike loud into your buyer’s head and make them understand whatever story you want to tell.

Enough of the side talk now; let’s get into today’s article and know about some of the best real estate photographers.

RARE Photography

RARE is a photography studio that has held the best real estate photographers award in New York city since 2017. They focus on architecture, design, and real estate projects. They believe that every architectural work, effort, skill, and dedication is being put by the architects and interior designers. 

So RARE photography company highlights the passion behind every design and every infrastructure by evoking the same passion through their images.

Behind the camera, they have the three best photographers in the city, starting from Romy Rodiek’s founder. Romy was born in Australia but ended up photo shooting real estate images in New York City in 2013. Her unique creative thinking and ideas allowed her to cash in some of the luxury real estate projects in the city.

Apart from her, RARE also has Cecilia Lagerman from Sweden and Ernesto Eisner from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cecilia Lagerman specialized in shooting environmental and studio portraiture along with fine arts photography in the early days. 

The Argentinian photography expert Ernesto Eisner graduated from the International Center of Photography in 2014. His fantastic images got two solo exhibitions at Transitory Nature in 2016 and Inheritance in 2018. So, by and large, there is no question about their photography abilities.

Andy Ryan Photography

Andy Ryan Photography

Andy Ryan is another highly professional real estate photographer based in New York. He pursued photography professionally out of love, and we know when you love your job, then the sky becomes the limit.

Before he chose to be a storyteller in his early days, Andy was doing a marketing and advertising job on the West Coast. In the beginning, the road wasn’t easy for Andy, but with dedication and love for photography, he became one of the well-known real estate photographers in the city.

One of the best unique features is the ability of attention to detail he put on his shooting. Other than that, his expertise in using natural light and eye for beautiful composition also makes his photography special. These skills led him to collaborate with high-profile designers and brands such as Lori Paranjape, bulthaup Co., Airbnb, and more.

He also shoots home products and furniture for brands, along with real estate interior and exterior photos. Surfing, snowboarding, and road-tripping throughout the Northeast is his favorite holiday spending activity with his dog Lexi.

Because of his ability to bring the subject to life in his photos and excellence in photography, he has been featured in Domino Magazine and The New York Times. 

Danzi Photography

Danzi Photography

Danzi Photography is a New Jersey-based professional, affordable residential and commercial photography & videography service provider. They specialize in commercial real estate photography, residential real estate photography, aerial photography, aerial drone video, real estate video tours, and virtual tours.

Despite being a new jersey based photography company, they also serve the greater NYC area. The best part is their approach towards real estate photography is simple. They serve people who want to sell or rent their property by providing premium quality photos and images.

Photographers here are proficient, experienced, and skilled in capturing property images. They know how important professional photography and videography are for marketing and selling any property, especially in this challenging situation. 

Real estate images must showcase and highlight each and every feature they have, and a professional photographer must make that happen. Danzi photography shines here the most. They showcase each property according to its merits and serve marketing optimization to the brands and shooting, retouching images, real estate image editing, and professional video editing services.

Virtual tours and aerial photography are relatively new forms of photography that help retailers to impress buyers. Danzi photography is one of those real estate photography agencies with expertise with these new forms and can create stunning views.

Scott Basile

Scott Basile

Scott Basile is a commercial real estate photographer based in San Diego specializing in interior and architecture photography. He has his photography studio and is set up with professional photography equipment.

He is from Upstate New York and showed his love for art at an early age. Before college, he used to make poetry and also worked on three-dimensional art. Then he went to college with an art scholarship and completed his Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University. 

He didn’t start his photography career right away. He was a graphic designer for about two years before becoming a commercial real estate photographer. Scott knows how important real estate photography is in the digital market and also to impress the audience. He has luxury real estate, commercial projects, and even simple homes in the suburbs in the bucket of his photography expertise.

More importantly, he knows what combination works best to capture premium professional property images, and based on his experience, he brings the only perfection to the table. Perfect photography equipment and professional image editing are the two significant and uncompromising ways of producing stunning photos. Scott’s work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Dream Homes Magazine, San Diego Magazine, and more.

Harry Lim

Harry Lim

Harry Lim is an Orlando, Florida-based commercial real estate photographer who serves all over the United States. Before stepping into the photographer’s shoe, his background was in broadcast news, and he has experience in working as a news videographer. This makes his transition to the photography world easier and effortless.

Harry’s camera experience led him to photography, but he didn’t go for real estate photography right away. He tried his luck in portraiture and wedding photography, along with a couple of other photography genres. But it’s architectural and interior photography that fits him, as he claims. After seeing his works, this statement becomes true without any doubt.

His journey as a property photographer started in 2010 when he joined a vacation rental home company as a staff photographer. Later in 2012, Harry began his photography studio and has worked for many clients until now. He focuses on long-term relationships that are possible only by offering high-quality photography services, which he does effectively.

Harry is also an AIA Orlando allied member and a licensed commercial drone pilot. So he can provide drone shots for your property which is considered the newest and future photography service. He always aims to capture colorful and well-balanced images for every room he shoots. This allows his photos to avoid becoming dull and blurry when they are presented.

Iran Watson

Iran Watson

If you are looking for the best Atlanta real estate photographer, then Iran Watson is your man. He is a commercial interior and exterior photographer based in Marietta, Georgia, United States. Iran is also a proud accredited member of Real Estate Photographers of America and International REPAI.

Iran believes every home has a story, and it is the story that attracts buyers, not the building made of concrete and cement. So with his real estate photography, he tries to tell the story to the viewers rather than clicks some snap and delivers it. 

Because of his approach and perspective on real estate photography, Photography For Real honored him as a photographer of the year in 2012. Iran Watson offers some expert real estate photography services such as ultra wide-angle images, pole aerial photography, night and twilight photography, photo-realistic to surreal, lifestyle and interior design, landscape photography, and more.

According to Iran, real estate photography isn’t just using the latest and greatest professional camera. Even using the benefits of the newest technology for composition, dynamic range, and strobe lighting can’t help you to get the best shot. It is the skill and experience that can pull everything together and generate a masterpiece.

Iran also offers premium full-service property image post-processing and editing, HDR, and Exposure Blending services.

Jonathan Kissock

Jonathan Kissock

Jonathan Kissock is an Adelaide, Australia-based real estate photographer famous for photographing luxury real estate, accommodations, resorts, and hotels. He has been serving Adelaide as a professional luxury property photographer for almost two decades.

In 2017, 8 out of 15 properties got the highest selling properties on the market in South Australia. Countries leading Architects,  Interior Designers, and Real Estate Agents are still receiving his photography services. In his photography career, he has photographed over 15000 luxury hotels and homes and still counting.

Because of his passion for photography, he didn’t stop with one photography skill: real estate photography. Along with that, he also offers family portraits to product photography, landscapes to pets, astrophotography, aviation, automotive, food & wine, fashion, digital art, and even the occasional Wedding.

His apartment and hotel photographs portray the architects and designs and highlight all the main features that the buyers will look for. This makes the image more eye-catchy and buyer-friendly, which helps to sell the property quickly. 

From the shooting, perfecting the lighting and setup to the post-processing, Jonathan remains invested and handles the whole process, both Technically and Creatively, using his experience. His expert eye and meticulous attention to detail help to make images impressive and impeccably high standard.

Antis Media

Antis Media

Aubrey Antis is the proud owner of Antis Media, a real estate photography agency based in California, United States. They have the best in the business, latest and greatest professional real estate photography equipment. But having all the latest gears and technology doesn’t ensure the quality.

So they also have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals behind those photography gears that give you the best custom real estate media solutions. Recently the agency completed its 10th anniversary of serving California.

The agency Aubrey grew up in California, and at her early age, she witnessed the revolution of today’s modern architecture where new cities were developed. So she wanted to be involved in this architecture revolution and started her real estate photography agency.

The agency has always encouraged new and versatile talent, so now her agency can serve with modern photography and videography gear such as Drones. With the experienced and skilled team of professionals now, she plans to do Southern California, Southwest Florida, and the Metro-Detroit area of Michigan.

If you want your property images to apprehend more than the building, you can check out antis media because their visual storytelling ability is unique.

Bree Hunter

Bree Hunter

Bree Hunter is a United States-based real estate photography company who serves different areas, including San Diego County, Orange County, LA County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. With over eight years of practical experience photographing for real estate agents, Bree has never compromised with the quality and always ensures to provide the best in the business.

Bree has collaborated with some top-rated luxury real estate companies because of her attention to detail capturing ability. Being a single mother of three children doing anything was tough when she started her career. But only because of her passion for photography is she so successful today. 

Apart from her attention to detail that comes naturally, she always strives and allows the only perfection in the image. Bree is so professional and punctual that every photo from her shines and effortlessly stands out in the crowd. Michaela and Alicia are two specialized and robust working partners that Bree works with.

Michaela is the second shooter who was personally trained by Bree Hunter herself. On the other hand, Alicia handles file-sharing tasks and scheduling activities for the company. Their detail-oriented real estate photography helps agents to get stunning photos for advertising listings.

Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley is one of the top-rated professional real estate photographers based in Los Angeles, United States. He is a well-known property photographer specializing in interiors and architecture and offers premium professional photography for commercial spaces, aerial and aviation photography.

He has come from a small coastal town in Massachusetts where one part is like a postcard, and one part is like a dramatic Boston movie. The teachers from his village were amazing. According to Michael, they helped him to love the world of arts and design. He completed his graduation in art and environmental science from the University of Vermont. 

He first wanted to become a professional snowboarder, but he couldn’t go further due to injuries. Then after trying for a couple of years, he got offers to click photos of homes and apartments from people he knew. And that’s how his photography career gets started.

His ability to use artificial and natural lights by keeping attention to detail is unique and helps him to capture stunning real estate photos for agents.

Final Words

Get your property photos from the top-rated amazing real estate photographers if you want to impress and attract your buyers fast. With this article, I tried to help you with the information of highly experienced and skilled photographers worldwide. So now you don’t need to search and trust anyone blindly.

Every real estate agent deserves the best photography experience for their apartments, houses, and hotels. But due to lack of information, finding the best of the best has become a tough job. The top 10 amazing real estate photographers mentioned above offer uncompromising premium quality photography.