Top 10 Best Fashion Photographers in Boston

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Best Fashion Photographers in Boston

Best fashion photographers in Boston are becoming quite hard to find, and those who are in the top tier are entitled to brands or very busy to get. Boston is the home for highly talented photographers, and you might get confused by having so many options. So I am here to help you to find the top 10 best Boston fashion photographers.

With fashion photography, we have a common idea that only celebrities and Ad agencies use the service, but what if you are not a celebrity. Still, you want to do a fashion photoshoot like them? Or what if you’re going to share photos as stars do on social media? Well, fashion photography is not only for celebs and agencies because everyone deserves to look stylish and fashionable if they want. Looking good, smart, and chic is not only for showing people on social media. Sometimes it helps to generate confidence, give you inner peace, and play a vital role to gain your self-esteem.

Wait a minute don’t start searching for fashion photographers in Boston yet because the market of good, talented photographers is very saturated. Instead of wasting a lot of time searching for a photographer, see my list of fashion photographers below, and save your time.

List of Top 10 Best Boston Fashion Photographers

To be the best fashion photographer one should not only know how to do photography but also should have experience and all the equipment to do a shoot. One should have a proper professional photography studio setup and the gears.


Above all of these, the first thing a fashion photographer should have is creativity with appropriate fashion sense. The photographers I listed below are chosen based on some metrics that fashion photographers must-have. Some of the matrices are like having experience over 5+ years in fashion photography, have professional photography gears and equipment, offer necessary styling, are friendly, and can break the ice with ease, etc. so let’s get started.

Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes

Kayt Silvers and TJ Bynes

Kayt Silver and TH Bynes are the best duo in Boston for professional fashion photography. They are quirky, retro-tinged, cinematic style photographers and capture stylish, fashionable photos to showcase the model’s real talent and capabilities or the best features of a product in a very adventurous way.

Their creative thinking allows them to generate unique ideas and themes for their fashion photography session. They can shoot both indoor and outdoor. If you want to shoot outside of Boston, they also provide that as well. According to them, fashion photography is not only showing different poses using gorgeous clothes and ornaments. 

They feel every photo tells a story of themselves, and it’s no different for model photography or fashion photography. In fashion photography, pictures do not only show the stylish model or the product that the model wears. Every photo should resemble and express a story of itself. So they always work to tell a story with their pictures, and by putting the hard work and teamwork into their work, they are successful in their career.

Siobhan Beasley


With a lot of love for art and photography Siobhan Beasley starts her work mainly in fashion, and commercial spheres. From an early stage like when she became able to hold a paintbrush, she began studying and practicing drawing poetry, and photography. So her work never shies away from reflecting on her love and her creativity.

She studied at Boston College, in Paris, France, and at the New England School of Photography. With her fashion photos, she captures the fun and strong voices of feminists. She enjoys working as part of a significant artistic team, whether it is scrappy or a strong team on a budget or firing at a million dollars.

If you are a new designer, musical artist, or new sustainable brand, then you will love to know that she offers discounts for the new starters every month. Check out her website and book yours today.

Kelsey Haley Media


Kelsey is one of the best fun-loving and hard-working fashion photographers in Boston. When she was little, she tried anything and almost everything from sewing and knitting to fashion blogging. She was exciting, full of life, and never afraid of trying new things. Her jolliness also reflects in her photography.

During her fashion blogging, she found out her likeness towards photography and then bought a DSLR camera by saving money. She learned the technical thing of photography from YouTube, and after four years, she turned her likeness into a business. Her carefree attitude toward life and eagerness to do photography gives her the advantage of capturing larger than life yet relation fashion photos.

If you want friendly and livelihood fashion photos with a touch of modern styles, then Kelsey is the choice for you.

Renee Newman

Renee Newman Photo

Renee Newman is a fashion photographer who follows pop culture and merges it with modern fashion photography. She is from a small town in southern Massachusetts. With her hard work and experience, she mastered making her artistic vision into life with vivid capturing, high graphic lines, creamy shadows, wide apertures, and colorful shooting.

Because of mixing pop culture and vivid artistic imagination, the photos she captures and processes comes out as a masterpiece. Her ability to deliver strongly contrasting promotional shots reflects in her use of strong angles and intersection lines throughout the photoshoot. Renee’s integration of trends and instructions contribute to her portfolio of wonderfully contemporary shots of artistic appeal and scope.

Dina K Photography

If you are confused and can’t choose between fashion photos and headshot photos during your photoshoot, then Dina K is your man. She was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and at an early age, she moved to the US. She loves telling stories through her photography that’s why Dina Konovalov adds personal consistency to her fashion editorials as an expert headshot photographer. 

The passion for photography leads her to study art, and so she completed a bachelor’s degree in fine art photography at Mass. College of Art. Dina mixes its portraiture skillfulness with glamorous fashions and dumb poses, using rich colours and theatrical lighting, to produce high-end photographs from Imagine Magazine and Boston popular magazine.

The passion of taking photos of the “essence” of any subject in front of the camera led to the photographer becoming so coveted by distinguished stars, models, and consumers, wanting more than a headshot.

Ann Lang Mun


Born in Boston and raised in Andover, this is Ann Lang, one of the best-talented fashion and portrait photographers based in Boston. She started her photography business in 2012, and from then she has working experience with Vogue Italia, Dark Beauty Magazine, Awards, Inspirations. 

She loves to capture beauty with her camera, so she went to The Center for the Digital Arts at Boston University and trained for photography. Ann believes that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and if as a professional fashion photographer, she gets the chance to capture that why wouldn’t she? She has a fashion photography studio in Boston, but she also shoots outdoors if needed.

Jess Mcdougall


Jess Macdougall is not entirely a fashion photographer, but the reason I listed her here is that she encourages women’s empowerment. With her photography, she shows not only a confident woman but also a fashionable one too. It’s her photography style that tells us fashion is not in the accessories that you use it’s in you.

I agree with her point of view that women barely look at themselves and get the time to look beautiful or feel their beauty because they are so busy looking after their family, career, and things. It’s tough to open up in front of strangers; that’s why Jess spends more time in prep sessions than shooting. She believes once you get comfortable with her shooting won’t take time.

If you are one of those who barely make time to take care of yourself, then Jess is a perfect choice. You will get time to see yourself, feel yourself, and feel beautiful again.

Roby Fabro

Joby Fabro

We all know Italian peoples are mostly creative-minded because of their historical architectural environment. Roby Fabro is from Italy, and his attention to photography emerges from his European experience and his graphical compositional tendency, inspired by the university where he studied architecture.

Roby’s international photography perspective and style made him one of the unique creative fashion photographers serving in Boston. He produces striking images, emphasizing graphic composition, that represents his European sensitivities, drawing inspiration from the colours, patterns, textures, and shapes of his architect and the environment with which he grew up.

Some of his masterpieces appear in Elegant, Faddy Magazine, and Picton Magazine. Most of the professional photographers are trying to capture smooth images to perfect them where Fabro captures the real and crisp images that make his images organically awesome.

Celso Enrique

Celso Enrique

The story of becoming a photographer is quite unique and different for Celso Enrique. He was serving as a hairstylist for fashion shows and proudly presenting onstage for international beauty shows. He was very fond of his work and wanted to capture his work like the way he sees it, but any of the professional photographers then was unable to capture what he wanted.

So he bought a camera and started capturing by himself. From there, his passion for photography started. His experience in fashion shows helped him to conduct his photoshoots smoothly. This experience made his photography session unique and helped him to provide premium fashion photography to his clients.

As no two shootings are the same, Celso gives a promise of an exclusive fashion photography experience. He prepares places and photography themes in order to explore the priorities depending on the pre-shot meeting. 

Caroline Wirawan


An Indonesian woman with a passion for photography and art came to the United States, where she studied Art and Design pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at Massachusetts College. Yes, it’s different just like her photography is different and unique from others. Her passion for fashion photography helps her to invent new unique fashion compositions for every shoot.

Apart from her stunning fashion photography, she also loves to capture candid moments that no one notices. It’s no surprise that Caroline began building a sharp artistic eye as a young girl, with a heavy focus on seamless colours and textures, sophisticated use of twists and surrealism. Her unique, elegantly stunning photography made her different from others.

So if you are looking for a friendly environment and unique creative fashion photos, book Caroline today.


Boston is a land of talented fashion photographers, and everyone has their own unique imagination, creates their own different compositions, shoots with different points of view, and brings out different stories with their photos. The top 10 best Boston fashion photographers I mentioned in this editorial covers all aspects of fashion photography.

Rather than searching from thousands now, you can start looking from here, and I believe you will find what you are looking for in your fashion photography session.