10 Best Fashion Photographers in Philadelphia


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Best Fashion Photographers in Philadelphia

Fashion photography is fun, you get to see gorgeous looking outfits and uniquely designed products with beautiful models all the time. Finding good fashion photographers can sometimes be a tough challenge for all of us. Because of that our series of regular articles on the best photographers for different areas will ease your hassle a bit. 

Once you hear the word ‘fashion’, you may think of cities such as Paris, Milan, but you don’t have to get too far in finding a great lifestyle or brand design photographer. Regardless whether you want a new wardrobe or just promotes yourself on Instagram, in Philadelphia there are a large number of fashion photographers who are able to do their job well.

Finding the best fashion photographers Philadelphia will get very easy after you read this article. Here I have picked Philadelphia’s 10 best fashion photographers in 2020. These photographers are talented, professional and very experienced in their job. If you are from Philadelphia and searching for a fashion designer for your product then this article is for you, my friend!

List of Our Top 10 Best Fashion Photographers Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, you will find lots of photographers but not all of them provide fashion photography service up to the mark. I am not saying that they are bad photographers. I am just saying that they may have expertise in other genres of photography. 

For making your brand successful in the offline and the online market, fashion photography for your product must need to be flawless. If you want to increase online sales then high quality photos are must and only experienced fashion photographers can provide you that. So let’s get to the main part now…

Stephanie Nolt

Stephanie Nolt

Stephanie Nolt is a well known fashion photographer who covers headshots, editorial, magazine cover photo, fashion photo and more. She is the founder and president of Stephanie Nolt photography studio. She is one of the best fashion and portrait photographers you will find in philadelphia. She can provide Photography Assistants, Lighting Technicians, Makeup Artists, and Hair, Wardrobe and Set Stylists any time you want.

The best feature of her photography is that she doesn’t see photos as objects. She believes photography is a form of storytelling and always tries to tell a story with her images. Because of that, her photos come out flawless and it’s like telling you its story by itself. So the images create a good impression when the audience sees it.

On the other hand, she has two photo studios in Philadelphia and both of them are well organized with all the proper photography setup needed for professional photo shoots. You can hire and shoot your product on her studios which i think would be the wise decision because of the pandemic situation is going on.

She is also available to travel for on-location shoots as per the clients requirement. Talking about the client, she has a long client list on her website as well. Not only that, you can also see a list of  her achievements and awards she got over the years. With the eye for premium photography and heart for telling a story with photos makes her different from other photographers.

Emil Rodriguez Powell

Emil Rodriguez is one of the wittiest but uniquely talented fashion photographers you will find in philadelphia. She is a very fun loving, desert loving and crazy plant loving type of lady. With her assistant, Landon, she created one of the famous fashion photography studios in Philadelphia named “Slice of Lime”. 

The name “Lime” is an idea that came from her husband as she mentioned in her official website. Just write her name “Emil” backwards and you will get “Lime”. She is a fan and specializes in fashion-forward high school senior photography & lifestyle family photography. They produce super premium, fashionable, and classy custom portrait photography. They take inspiration from style and fashion but the priority always remains the prime subject.

They trust in the production of images that celebrate the honesty that we all shine differently and rejoice. As the motive behind our work, Slice of Lime Photo specializes in creating a personalized portrait experience for each and every one of our customers that is enjoyable and simple for you. 

Their work has been featured and published in many platforms including Seniorologie, Posepatch, The Twelfth Year, Beauty Revived, The Senior Collective, National Association of Professional Child Photographers, Senior Inspire many more. She and her team achieved Senior Style Guide’s Hot 100 List featuring the Top 100 Photographers from across the globe 2017 and 2018. Apart from that she also got “The Twelfth Year 2018 Top 50 Established Photographers & Magazine Cover Artist”.

Roo Castro

Roo Castro is one of the highly talented commercial and fashion photographers in philadelphia. Born in Dominican Republic and brought up in New York, he is a very adventurous and fun loving photographer you will find. At the age of 12, he came to NYC and was exposed to a new world. 

The inspiration behind his profession is NYC. The different people, food, language and also cultures around him always fascinated him. He saw the need for collaboration and creating links between these peoples and cultures. With a sporty team and all the necessary photography equipment Roo Castro can shoot on location as well. 

His best feature as a photographer is he never stops experimenting new things in his work. This gives him the power of creating unique images every time. Whether you need photos only for magazine cover, billboard marketing or for your website and online e-commerce stores, Roo Castro can provide great photos for every purpose.  

If you are wearing athletic or are trying something more daring, Roo will make your own brand or goods with his special visual style. He has worked for many fashion magazine covers, fashion campaigns, fashion houses etc… 

Fashion photographers often remain in the boundaries of photography textbooks but as roo castro likes to experiment with new ideas and his fashion photography is unique because of that. Roo Castro said, “When I shoot, I aim to deliver a classic image, a moment frozen in time.”

Vikrant Tunious

Vikrant Tunious

Are you searching for more experienced fashion photographers near you? Then “Vikrant Tunious” is the guy for you. Vikrant Tunious is an award winning fashion photographer who comes from the school of visual arts. He was named one of Philadelphia ‘s finest fashion photographers, featuring in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and scores of other publications. 

Vikrant knows the industry both within and outside if you’re looking for traditional fashion and beauty shots. His smart shots are built to present his model personalities in a range of colours, environments and clothing, shoes , accessories and more.

Though he is a photographer based in Philadelphia and NewYork, he can also travel nationally and internationally if you need. Cindy Crawford, America’s Next Top Models, Ricky Martin, Major Nutter, Yanni, Kinder Herrmans, DawnWilson, Aishwarya Rai, Jermy Spencer, Peter Andre, are among some of the most well-known brands he works for.

 Because of the vast experience in the fashion photography field, he developed a keen vision of detail and story telling. He demonstrates his storytelling telling expertise through his images. 

He often works with art directors, fashion designers and designers to produce great work. Vikrant helped launch a number of new portfolios there. Apart from Fashion and Beauty Photography he specializes in Model and/or Street Casting, Location Scouting with Visuals, Hair and/or Make Up Artists, Prop Styling, Pre & Post Production Services, Full Digital Workflow, Digital Manipulation / Retouching Services and many more.

Trevor Dixon

Trevor Dixon

Trevor Dixon is a commercial photographer based in philadelphia. He shows off his model and accessories through his  classic fashion photography. He studied in BFA from the University of the Arts. Trevor has an impressive catalog of fashion, food and architectural photos, using bright, solid colors and carefully captured. 

He has worked for many fashion magazine covers, fashion campaigns, fashion houses and produced premium quality fashion photos for them. Inspired by the Dutch masters and other artists, he developed a certain gravity and a certain texture of his work. He is very passionate about his work and does not produce imperfect photos in any circumstances. 

His background knowledge in the history of art and fashion is deep and this informs his work today. His efficient and co-ordinated approach to setting speaks of trust and is comfortable and simple to work with. He works relentlessly until he gets every pixel done perfectly.

He has worked for several famous brands and companies like IKEA, Lowes, Anthropologie, House Beautiful, Lilly Pulitzer, The Laundress, Eddie Bauer, Overland Sheepskin, Unilever, Campbell’s and more. If you are looking for high quality product photography for your brand trevor is your guy.

His highlighted feature is apparel fashion photography. He has an unique talent that works best for apparel products and can produce premium photos. He has achieved awards from PDN Photo Annual award, Communication Arts Photo Annual award, American Photography award.

Dan Cuellar

Dan Cuellar

Are you bored with in-house fashion photography? Do you want to get your product shot outside of the studio? Well, then Dan is your man. He is one of the best environmental fashion photographers in Philadelphia you will find. He started with landscape photography and because of that reason he is now expert in outdoor fashion photography.

He established his photography studio in 2010 and since then he has built a good reputation in the photography industry. At first it was his passion but later it became his career. He uses a Canon 6D with lenses Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 24-70mm 2.8 usm ii, Canon 85mm 1.8. 

He can blend your product and model with the perfect environmental setup that you want. Whether it is in the beach or in the street, Dan always provides the perfect blend of both fashion and environment. With stunning fashion and noir-themed photos, Dan not only shoots in philadelphia but also shoots in New York also.

Dan works comfortably in various contexts and styles, particularly in commercial and fashion editorials, from studios to plages to town at night. Before any shoot he always sets the environment, and the colors in the environment as these are important elements for the fashion photoshoot he does. Apart from fashion photography he also provides Editorial, Commercial, NewBorn and Maternity photography as well.

Give your product a new tough of fashion photography and get uniquely stunning images from Dan. Just check the profile, see the sample works and decide for yourself.

Alan Simpson

Alan Simpson is a professional commercial and fashion photographer serving in philadelphia. He is from Michigan, grew up in Ann Arbor and spent most of the time of his teenager with friends. His first camera was a 35mm Leica and used a darkroom film set-up given by his father.

He always had a connection with photography as in his high school days he used to lead a photography club. According to his saying, he always knew that photography was his part of life and he used to read a lot of photography books as well. 

After completing his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Communications, he started his career in marketing. That time his family was against his photography and because of that he couldn’t take photography as his career. But in the early 2000’s he picked his camera again and this time he took it as his one and only career. 

He started his studio in 2015 and after that there was no turning back in his career. His love for photography is the only thing that makes his journey to the photography industry possible. At the early stage he used to shoot parental photos and he started with photo shooting his kids. Now he is one of the well known commercial and fashion photographers among the photographers of philadelphia.

He can work on location or in the studio according to the modification your photoshoot requires. All you need is to book him for your next.

Christopher Descano

Christopher Descano

Sometimes you may want someone for your fashion photography who can understand your requirements as they have the same experience. Well, Cristopher is the perfect man for you then. The reason behind his success in fashion photography is he is an insider of the entertainment industry from his early age.

At first he started his career as an actor and for that reason he had to do portfolio shots for himself very often. But in Philadelphia he was unable to find a suitable photographer who can match his expectation and also the casting directors and agencies as well. So he himself hopes to ride a professional photographer to provide the best result every time.

The founder and first chairman of the Philadelphia Theatre Alliance and first vice chairman of the Screen Actors Guild Philadelphia branch, were his father, John Descano. He also was an actor and a director. Because of that the entertainment industry was always close to Christopher from his childhood.

Not only Chris’s father, Chris himself was an active member of the Screen Actors Guild for over 15 years and also a proud member of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. He is an official photographer for Miss Teen Pennsylvania. 

He studied photography a lot. He graduated from the Westtown School, a Quaker boarding school located and then completed his bachelor’s degree from the College of Visual and Performing Arts, Kutztown University. He also did his master’s degree from the Birmingham School of Acting. 

Get in touch with him and book your slot if you want your brand promotion to create a long lasting impression on the audiences.

James Jackson

James Jackson, a talented and trustworthy freelance photographer of the Freelance industry with expertise on fashion, publishing and theater photography. You are at the right location if you are looking for someone to provide you with beautiful brand images or to give your business the boost of additional customers who can generate valuable publicity. 

He can give business and corporate customers worldwide exclusive services. James will help you create and develop your brand and corporate identity, regardless of whether you are just at the beginning of your company or want a fresh look for driving a new company. In both digital and video, he will provide full support. 

He works with many fashion houses and commercial agencies like Royal Blue Apparel, Salon Head Candy, Touch Me Philly Productions, GDP Productions, B.Someday Productions, Spring International, BellosCogen, Soul Train Magazine, American Theatre Magazine, Berserker Residents, Black Mary Jane, Village Productions etc. 

He is expanding his portfolio by working on lifestyle, publishing fashion, and beauty photography, and partners of major customers in apparel and catalogs. The freelance photography experiences of James include shooting both in studio and on site. Because of his being a freelancer he can shoot anywhere you want and not only that he has experience capturing photos for different clients. So his experience is very rich as well.

Whether you are searching for commercial fashion photography or creative fashion photography jackson will cover it all. So hurry up and book your slot today.

Justin T. Shockley

Justin T Shockley is an internationally recognized and published fashion, advertising, food, event, product, architecture, and humanitarian photographer. He is from New York and has served in Philadelphia for over a decade now. So in the experience category he stays with the top ones. He likes to give value to people’s time, creating beauty caught still in a moment and always looking forward to contributing to the art.

He completed his graduation from Fashion Institute of Technology and then started his photography career. He is very humble in nature that if someone takes something he created and calls it their own he feels honored. Few internationally known brands he worked for are Steve Madden, Under Armour, Lord & Taylor, Dior, Levis, Governor of Michigan State, United Nations, New York Times, Stanford University, Jones Day Inc, UFC, Runway Magazine Paris, Zagat, Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, Google, Ogilvy, Farah Zulaikah Perfume, Reuters etc.

Now he is working with Capital One Bank in their Advertising Campaign for small businesses. He has done almost all kinds of commercial and fashion photography from fashion, celebrities, advertising, events, news, editorial, architecture and look books to magazines, internationally.

He worked with Runway Magazine Paris, Hacid Magazine (Barcelona), LEVIS, Du Coeur, Graceful Chic, Reuters, Shabby Apple clothing as an advertising and fashion photographer.  He is also a regular fashion commentator. If you are searching for native and New Yorker, and second-generation photographer then Justin is your guy. Book your slot now…

Final Thoughts

Getting your product photographed in a perfect way is one of the crucial and important parts of a business. No matter how established or even a starter brand you are, there is no other option to reach your product to the customer without digital marketing. So selecting a fashion photographer is important and tough as well. But the toughest job is to find a fashion photographer near you. 

I wrote this article to find the best fashion photographers philadelphia and after doing my research I have selected these 10 jems who are highly professional and talented in fashion photography with years of experience. Hope you guys find this article useful and get benefited.