Top 10 Best Portrait Photographers in NYC

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Best Portrait Photographers NYC

Do you live in NYC and are looking for the best portrait photographer near you? You search on google “best portrait photographers in NYC”, and you will get thousands of options, but are they the perfect one? It is quite difficult to find a good portrait photographer among thousands just by searching on google. On the other hand, you can’t go and taste all of them one by one. 

But you can narrow down the list, and today I will help you do that. In this article, I will show you the 10 best portrait photographers in NYC to make your quest for a portrait photographer easy. All the photographers I am going to talk about today are tested personally. All of them serve in New York and I found them very passionate about their job. 

So let’s know who they are and how good they are…

List of Our Top 10 Best Portrait Photographers in NYC

Portrait photos are to reflect your personality and a portrait photographer should have the ability to capture one’s true personality through portraits. The photographer I listed below has this feature along with expert photography hand and professional photography setup.

Lena Di

fashion and fine art photographers based in NYC

She is one of the best fashion and fine art photographers based in NYC. Lena Di is from Russia, but she is staying here from an early age. At first, photography wasn’t her career, and she served almost 18 years in a finance company. But later she realizes her passion for photography is so high that she left her job and started her own photography studio in 2015.

She took this enormous risk just to explore her passion, and now she successfully breaks the shackles. After struggling with her own terms, she found and transformed her passion into a profession. Her story is inspiring, so does her work. She shoots both indoor and outdoor. 

She loves to capture happy moments of people and the best thing about her photography is she can break the ice quickly with her friendly gestures. Her studio is on Wall Street, in the Financial area.

David Genik

fashion and portrait photography nyc

Unlike the previous photographer, David Genik started photography when he was 13. He started clicking photos with a camera he found in the basement of his parents. Even since David has starred in his job at The Stand, Butcher’s Daughter, The Apotheke, and Pulqueria, a book on the Nightclub scene in New York. 

The fashion influencers of David’s shots, including Nur Khan and Simon Hammerstein, Crystal Yi, Diane Von Furstenberger, and New York nightlife stalwarts. With his vast experience in fashion and portrait photography, he is serving the NYC people for years. 

The portraits of David are highly inspired by fashion-based publishers and stress bold lighting options paired with classical architecture. He has his own professional photography studio in 123 Bowery, New York, NY 10002, filled with photography equipment. He also does outdoor shoots if required.

Steven Duarte

expert portrait and headshot photographer in nyc

Steven Duarte is a young, energetic, and versatile photographer who proudly serves in NYC. He is an expert talented portrait and headshot photographer who loves to take creative challenges and overcome them. He worked for several renowned magazines and brands such as VIBE, Seventeen, and Billboard Magazine, with notable commissions from industry heavyweights such as L’Oréal and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.


He was featured as one of refinery29 “30 under 30” the talented rising influential in 2013. Because of his unique creative headshots and portraits, he got famous and proves his talent every time he holds the camera. His unique working style and talent make him nominated as the mentor for Rémy Martin’s mentorship program.


professional portrait photographer in nyc

Jamiya is a man of photography who has both practical and institutional photography learning experience. He studied film and completed his bachelor’s from Full Sail University. He also holds a master’s degree in Photography from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He was sharp and clear about his passion and career all the time.

Originally he is from Jackson, MS. 10 years ago he came to NYC, and since then he is serving New York City with his photography skills. He has been working as a professional photographer for over 14 years now and in this time period; he captured many actors’ portraits for famous movies and films such as the house of cards, the wolf of wall street, wicked, and many more.

His photography sessions are cool and enjoyable because he believes a photoshoot is not only standing in front of a camera and clicking the pictures. A photoshoot is an experience for both the photographers and the models. So the experience should be fun and exciting, not dull or boring. As he is funny and loves to laugh, he can make the environment easy going for both sides.

So the experience of working with jamiya is always great and as he has vast knowledge about photography because of his institutional and practical experience, you get amazing output every time.

Jordan Matter

first-row portrait photographers NYC

Jordan Matter is a professional photographer who started his career with acting. Yes, you heard it right. He was a successful actor and later on pursued photography as a career. He was always surrounded by the camera, film, and photography in his childhood, but still becoming a photographer wasn’t his first choice of career. So, becoming a professional photographer is a story for itself. 

His grandfather was a highly successful photographer who had worked for President Kennedy, Vogue, National Geographic, and Harper’s Bazaar. Jordan spent most of the time of his childhood with his grandfather, which allows him to know insights into photography at an early age. Later on, this experience helped him to understand photography and made his transition to photography easier.

His father was a talented filmmaker, and his mother was a model. So he took the chance and became an actor. He did well in acting, but he also loved capturing photos of people. The reason that made clear jordans mind clear was his friend’s headshots. One day he saw his friend headshot, and they were below average, so he picks the camera and tries to capture some headshots of his friend. 

The images came out awesome, and that day he realized his photography talent and soon pursued it as a profession. He is a funny, energetic, and well-experienced portrait photographer based in NYC. He is considered one of the best and first-row portrait photographers NYC.

Caroline Sinno

portrait and commercial photographer nyc

Caroline Sinno is a professional portrait and commercial photographer who can successfully merge natural and technical aspects in a photo. She was passionate about arts and from an early age; she was determined to pursue it. So she did BFA at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers and formally trained in the art of photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Caroline made our list is because of her specialties in technical skills and creative arts. She isn’t afraid to experiment with lighting and other technical aspects of photography. The ability to produce unique photos by merging her technical skills and art skills are hard to find nowadays.

She loves clicking pictures randomly so that she can capture unexpected moments of people. Apart from portrait photos, Caroline also has expertise in commercial assignments, travel, and event photography. 

Laura Boyd

award-winning portrait photographer in nyc

Laura Boyd is an award-winning portrait photographer and also a female empowerment coach. She is from South Carolina with a protective multitalented mother and an entrepreneur father. Her mother was a former singer, dancer, and also showgirl. Her father was an amateur photographer from whom laura got her photography talent.

In 2009, she started her photography business and after a couple of years, she started to work for women empowerment through her photography. She can find and bring the true essence from your portrait photos. Every single portrait she captures tells you a story. She also does coaching to empower women.

The way she captures portrait shots they come out strong and striking with the amazing personality that the model has. 

Francis Hill

top-rated portrait photographers in New York

Francis Hill is one of the top-rated portrait photographers in New York. He holds a consecutive best portrait photographer award from expertise. He is an Englishman who loves to collaborate with businesses and professionals to create honest, effective and jaw-dropping portraits. He started his photography career in 2002. 

With this vast portrait photography experience, he has worked with and for many reputed publications and clients. He is so successful that he made long-term relations with his clients and got himself so close to them that they took him into their boardroom to collaborate as well. 

He was also invited to famous TV shows like Sweden’s Next Top Model. He captured a large number of known and unknown people in his long photography career. He even clicked 300 naked people for a charity. He is serving NYC for over a decade now and he can shoot both indoor and outdoor with a proper photography setup.

Martin Schoeller

Martin-Schoeller photography

Martin Schoeller started his photography career in NYC back in the mid-1990s. He studied photography at the Lette Verein, and after moving to New York, he first used to capture people on the street. Soon his work became famous among the people, and he started clicking pictures of celebrities and famous people.

He was originally from Germany and known for extreme close-up portrait photography. He has worked for large publications like the National Geographic, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, TIME, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, and GQ, among others. 

He got many awards for his outstanding contribution to photography, and recently he worked for Nike’s “Just do it” campaign, which won a prestigious D&AD black pencil and the outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes. He also worked for famous publications like KIA, Chevron, Allstate, HBO, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Mercedes, DreamWorks, Southwest Airlines, GE, and Johnnie Walker. 


New York's leading portrait and headshot photographer

Michelle Kawka is Manhattan, New York’s leading portrait and headshot photographer. As a full-time professional portrait photographer based in New York, she is proud to take exciting digital images for clients locally to Midtown, Queens, New York City, and its surroundings. Michelle and her expert team are committed to corporate headshots, corporate photographs, executive portraits, actor’s headshots, corporate event photography, hair and fashion photography, and internal photography. 

Michelle and her Manhattan-based team of photographers are available internationally as the best photographer in New York. The residents of New York City, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Hampton, North Fork, Northern New Jersey, and the surrounding areas will be presented with memorable photography headshots.

She has served large companies, brands, and agencies such as Microsoft, The Men’s, Warehouse, The Visionary Group, Progressive Marketing Group, American Chinese Public, Affairs Institute, Eisner & Amper LLP, Pursuit Financial Group, Amida Care, Star Health Management, Wella Hair Color, Proctor & Gamble, KAMCO Supply Corp and many more throughout her career and still serving proudly. She was awarded the Rising Star of 2012 by the Queens Courier newspaper once.


In this article, I tried to help you guys with the best portrait photographers NYC that I know. Portrait photos or headshots are not just ordinary photos. A portrait photo carries the personality of the person in it. It can show how confident you are and how determined you are? 

The photographers I listed here are known for their expertise in portrait photography based in New York. So I hope that your search for the best portrait photographers in NYC narrowed down a bit after reading this article and I helped you to save your time. That’s all for today. See you in the next one, stay safe, stay home, and till then peace out.