How to Become an Authorized Polo Ralph Lauren Reseller


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How to Become an Authorized Polo Ralph Lauren Reseller

Polo Ralph Lauren is one of the most famous clothing brands in the world. This brand is best known for its premium polo shirts, pants, and accessories. If you are interested in making some money, you may consider becoming a reseller for this brand.

This is a legitimate way to earn a living by selling the products of this brand. This article will provide you with the information you need to become a Polo Ralph Lauren reseller.

History Of Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is the first and most recognized sub-brand of Ralph Lauren. In 1972, Polo Ralph Lauren was established as a sportswear line Ralph Lauren. Their most iconic product was the polo t-shirt which almost every person around the country wore once in a lifetime. later, Polo Ralph Lauren Expanded their business and included other fashion items like gloves, belts, leather goods, purses, handbags, hats, and glasses in their fashion lineup.

Most interestingly, all the outfits of the World Olympics since 2008 are made by Polo Ralph Lauren. Also, they make merchandise for many other sports events. As a result, Polo Ralph Laurens stores are now available around the country and widely recognized by people around the globe.

However, Polo Ralph Lauren Is not the only brand of Ralph brand. Some other established in the later years, names Women’s exclusive, Polo Ralph Lauren Children, Polo Sport, etc.

Is Polo Ralph Lauren A Different Brand From Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren And Polo Ralph Lauren have been in the fashion business for many years. Though these two brands are individually popular among the shoppers, they are directly connected. Polo Ralph Lauren is a subsidiary brand of Ralph Lauren Corp. along with Ralph Lauren Children and Chaps, Double RL, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Ralph Lauren Purple Label Collection. 

Since its beginning, Ralph Lauren introduced most luxury fashion items, and most of the products were out of the reach of mass people. So, they decided to establish a budget-friendly fashion brand, and that’s how Polo Ralph Lauren came into form. 

Polo Ralph Lauren focused entirely on sports clothing but later included all other fashion items in their lineup. However, despite being subsidiary brands and the makers of the finest quality products, there are significant differences between Ralph Lauren And Polo Ralph Lauren. And those are:


You can find the first and most significant difference in these two brands’ logos. In the logo of the Polo Ralph Lauren, you’ll find two Polo Players on two horses and one of the payers is in a black Polo shirt hoisting the mallet up. The opposition polo player has a lighter jersey and leans back while holding his mallet. The only representation of Ralph Lauren’s more straightforward trademark mark is a polo player riding a horse while carrying a mallet over his head. And looking at the logo is the easiest way to judge the product’s authenticity.


There are a lot of differences in the styles of clothing between these two brands. In the classic Ralph Lauren line, there are no sweaters with polo logos on them. Instead, there are classic turtleneck sweaters with cable knit and cardigans with buttons. Additionally, Polo Ralph Lauren likes to keep shoppers in a dilemma about their products. Even though this line is based on sportswear, they also sell dresses. The dresses are made of satin and knits, which are much cheaper than Ralph Lauren dresses. Finally, Polo Ralph Lauren makes underwear for men, but not Ralph Lauren. Most of the clothes from this brand are made of soft cotton and have stripes or the brand’s logo.

Patriotic Influence

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Ralph Lauren brand is a sub-label but has a very different style. Mostly, the products made by Polo Ralph Lauren has a more patriotic influence so you will find more combination of red, blue, and white in their goods. Moreover, Polo Ralph Lauren is all about sportswear when it comes to style, while the classic Ralph Lauren label is more about comfortable, stylish, and classic pieces. Ralph Lauren cares more about showing a certain way of life, while Polo Ralph Lauren cares more about the history and spirit of sports.


Polo Ralph Lauren clothes are often less costly than Ralph Lauren clothing. Since young professionals frequently lack the money to purchase pricey things, the brand is more well-liked by younger customers. On the other hand, the target demographic for Ralph Lauren is older and famous, with wealthy women and men who can afford more expensive clothing.

How to Become an Authorized Polo Ralph Lauren Reseller

How to Resell Ralph Lauren Products

Becoming a Polo Ralph Lauren reseller is one of the dreams of every rising entrepreneur. Being a reseller of such a renowned brand is a blessed opportunity to earn without risk. But there’s an issue. Polo Ralph Lauren doesn’t sell their products directly to anyone to retail in the market. However, this issue is nothing to worry about if you have your designs and product lineup. You can show them to the Polo Ralph Lauren Buyers, and if your design can grab their attention, you can register your patent and sell them by the brand name of Ralph Lauren. However, to get through the authorization process, you must go through some steps. Which are:

Step 1: Contact With Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

The first thing you have to do to endorse your product to the Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. Is to contact their buyer team. Please make an account on this website of Polo Ralph Lauren and present your deal to them. Be professional with your tone when contacting the buyer team, and make sure you are talking business through the whole conversation.

Step 2: Make Your Name Shown

The fashion houses like Polo Ralph Lauren always remain on the hunt for rising talents. So, they keep a market research team to find a good deal. You have to create a funnel to be in the eyes of the corporation. To do this, you can use paid advertising or other marketing methods. Also, you can show yourself in the spotlight by doing proper market research and making something different from others.

Step 3: Pitch Your Product 

Once you contact Polo Ralph Lauren Corp, it is time to pitch your product. Make a proper product presentation and hire the best men to p[resent if you can’t. Also, you can show off some samples from your production to get more interest from the buyers. And, it will help to get you one step further in the competition.

Step 4: Complete The Paperwork

Completing the paperwork with the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation will be your most significant step to becoming a Ralph Lauren Reseller. To apply for the paperwork, you have to go through a process:

  1. Submit the application to the corporation via website.
  2. Contact the buyer and make your intentions clear to them.
  3. Make sure you make internal connections in the company. It will help to process the application faster.

After everything is done, you will become an authorized Polo Ralph Lauren reseller. However, before you make a deal with Ralph Lauren, ensure you can fulfill their demand. Also, calculate appropriately so you can have a good amount of profit in your hands.


Being an authorized Polo Ralph Lauren reseller is a kind of hassle. However, you can still become one if you impress their buying team with your unique designs. Also, before becoming a reseller of this brand, ensure you can meet their demand and have the most experienced quality-checking team. Otherwise, you will become subject to penalty despite profit.