How to Get Verified on Depop? ✔️ Step-by-Step Process


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How to Get Verified on Depop

Depop is a popular online marketplace where people can buy and sell various items. There are currently around 15 million users of the service. The use of Depop’s marketplace requires the creation of a user account before purchasing or selling anything. 

It’s not uncommon for Depop to have login or verification problems. This can be due to several factors, including the service’s servers. The question is, “How to Get Verified on Depop successfully?” In the following, I’ll explain the steps necessary to verify the Depop in detail. To find out the solution, read on.

How to Get Verified on Depop: 2 Simple Steps

Get started with the verification process by creating a Depop account. To sign up for Depop, go to its website, and select “Sign Up.” You may sign up for Depop with only an email address, but you’ll also need a username and password.

Now follow the step by step verification process of Depop:

Step-1: Put a Valid Phone Number

First, just go to “My Account” and then pick “Verify your account.” The website will prompt you to input your phone number in a specific field.

To proceed, you are required to give a valid phone number. This may be done using either the mobile app or the website.

On the app, you will need to open and navigate to the “More” menu and then pick the “Verify Your Account” option verification code will send to your phone via phone call, or that will need to be entered into the mobile app.

Step-2: Upload and Submit Your ID 

After performing the preceding procedures, you need to upload a copy of a government-issued identifier from your nation (passport or driver’s license). Whether you use the app or the website, you’ll need to take a photo or upload a file of your ID to submit it. Please ensure that the documents are legible and that all information is visible. 

Then, Depop will check your documentation and authorize your account when you have confirmed the details. To confirm your identification, Depop can request for more information or clarification.

Once your identity has been confirmed, you’ll be prompted to accept the Terms & Conditions.

Note: If Depop finds that your account doesn’t meet its verification standards, the company can refuse to verify your account or may contact you for more information. Verifying your Depop account is crucial in establishing yourself as a trustworthy vendor and buyer in the marketplace.

By using Depop, you can:

  • You can communicate with sellers before, during, and after a transaction and ask questions about any product you see.
  • To further refine your feed, you can choose sizing and what kind of clothing you’re looking for while shopping for apparel.
  • The option to “follow” specific brands and styles allows for further customization of the recommendations.
  • Feedback on a product you bought or sold can be given and received anytime.

How Does Depop Work For Selling?

Creating an account on Depop makes it simple to list clothes for sale. Customers may look around your site and purchase anything that catches their attention. After the transaction is complete, you’ll receive a notification, at which point you’ll need to ship the item to the buyer.

Items that you can sell on Depop

  • Vintage Clothes 
  • Designer Goods
  • Menswear
  • Womenswear 
  • Items available in various sizes and conditions, including new, good, and fair-for-used items.
  • Jewelry 
  • Garments from your closet, whether brand-new, unused, or used.
  • Thrifted clothes -Clothes you get from friends’ and families’ wardrobes or on marketplaces. 
  • Adornments- Purses, belts, bags, and sunglasses 
  • Outerwear- Puffer jackets, coats, denim jackets, leather jackets. 
  • Bottoms- jeans, sweatpants, skirts, shorts. 
  • Shoes- Boots, trainers, flats, heels. 
  • Tops- T-shirts, Hoodies, casual shirts. 

What are the buying Processes on Depop?

Buying on Depop is not complicated. When using Depop as a buyer, users can browse the app or search for particular goods or fashions to locate stuff to buy. Follow these steps for checkout:

  1. Select “Buy” and then proceed to the shopping bag icon in the top right corner of the page is the first step to making your purchase of Depop.
  2. Now, select “Checkout,” and double-check that your shipping information is accurate.
  3. Select your desired methods of payment. You can pay with any credit or debit card, as well as with Google Pay, Paypal, or Apple Pay.
  4. Your replacement item will be shipped to you when your seller verifies your payment and sends you a receipt through email from Depop.

Is it safe to buy from Depop?

If you follow Depop’s rules, they say it’s safe to shop there. When making a purchase, only use the official app or website, and be careful to choose the “BUY” option to reduce the possibility of scams. Depop advises against conducting business outside of the website.

However, scams can still occur. Vice found that high-value products like Apple iPhone or AirPods offer that look too good to be true were more likely to be frauds on Depop. Otherwise, you can rest certain that purchasing from Depop is risk-free because Depop’s Buyer Protection covers all app and online transactions (apart from those involving services).

Why can’t I make a new Depop account?

There is currently no way to create a new account on Depop if you have ever made one. There is a strict policy against maintaining multiple accounts on Depop. Therefore, if you already have an old Depop account, you need to remove or delete it before creating a new one.

What payment methods does Depop accept?

A buyer has a variety of payment choices to select from, including credit cards, Apple Pay, debit cards, and PayPal and Depop Payments. Any sales made with Depop Payments will be credited to your Depop Balance before being sent to your bank account. Sales are now significantly safer and simpler to control as a result.

What if you have no PayPal account to use with Depop?

If you’d want to buy something on Depop, you may do so without a PayPal account. If the vendor accepts PayPal, you should be able to pay without creating an account using the “guest” checkout option.

 Final Verdict 

So, How to Get Verified on Depop? After reading this blog, you now have all the necessary information. I hope this article will help you sign up for a Depop account and use the site to buy and sell items confidently.