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Real estate listings with professional photos sell for sweeping $3,000-$11,000 extra. Most often HDR photos let you achieve the goal. But only top-class HDR photo editing Louisiana service offers you perfect results. Rest falls short to stay on quality. If finding out the top real estate photo retouching service feels troublesome, the following guideline is up and ready for you.

Speaking of HDR Photo, it’s a mainstream editing technique that captures both low and high end of lights in one photo. It’s a game-changing innovation and quite popular among real estate photo editors in Louisiana. 

To make things easier for you I have cherry-picked the top-class real estate photo editing service provider from Lafayette, Mandeville, and others in one place. So, let’s dive into it.

List of Best Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Louisiana Services

Right now I am going to mention some of the best real estate HDR photo editing services in Louisiana. These are the best photo editing agencies that are experts in complicated services like HDR real estate photography editing. So without any ado, let’s jump right into reviewing these companies.

Tradexcel Graphics

tradexcel Graphics

Tradexcel Graphics is an all-in-one solution when it comes to photo retouching of real estate photos. We feature a wide range of real estate photo editing solutions including real estate HDR photo editing services. The complete solution on the real estate makes us an expert photo editing company in the real estate domain.

You could get into our official website to check our samples on real estate pro photo edits. The website has a separate section explaining every real estate service. We have featured a real estate HDR image editing service in one of the highlighting sections. You could check and verify our sample in the real estate section. In case you want additional samples to verify, getting in touch with us would be the best option.

Plus, with Tradexcel Graphics you could submit your real estate photos for retouching via our website. We have an online dashboard and free trial section which lets you submit and edit photos online. With the free trial, you don’t have to spend any single penny as a new customer. It’s all seamless even if you are living out of popular cities like New Orleans, and others.

In short, we are a photo editing service provider specializing in creating and editing HDR for real estate photos. The pricing packages are far less than what an actual professional photo editor in Louisiana would ask for a project. It’s a huge advantage for you.

Parish Pix

Parish Pix

It’s Parish Pix, a complete real estate photo retouch and capture agency. The physical photo editing shop of the agency lies in Lafayette, LA. However, the agency is open for online inquiry as well. It’s an essential photo editing company for anyone living in southern Louisiana. 

The striking fact about Parish Pix, it only retouches photos of real estate. Thus, it’s way clear that a significant portion of its stuff is real estate photo editors. Since they have plenty of skilled people editing solely real estate photos they have a vast catalog of portfolios including HDR photo editing.

When it comes to the staff, they recruit local Louisiana photo editors for real estate via different job ads. As local talent gathers in one place, it makes sure you get professional photo editing service for real estate at every phase.  

The Parish Pix has solid expertise in real estate HDR photo editing services. Furthermore, the agency has the equipment and skills to capture and edit HDR photos of your property. It’s a huge plus as their photographers are always there to guide the edit perfectly. Thus you get to experience top-notch photo editing for real estate. In short, it’s a skilled and resourceful service provider in the state of Louisiana.

NOLA Real Estate Marketing

NOLA Real Estate Marketing

NOLA Real Estate Marketing is a local photo editing Louisiana company that offers photo editing for real estate. It’s a powerful studio that is known for its successful projects. Based in Mandeville, LA, and provides premium HDR image editing services(including twilight lighting effects).

The company itself offers a professional photo editing service for photographers in Louisiana. It’s best for those who are looking for a solution to their real estate photography. Even though the website doesn’t mention the HDR service, a similar pro photo editing technique also gets used on property twilight photo editing. So, you could order on its twilight photo retouch service or opt for the other option on the website.

However, NOLA Real Estate Marketing does not provide you, online photo editor. Instead, you could ask for inquiry and initial estimation only. In contrast, the pricing of the company makes it one of the best photo editing services for photographers.

Due to its real estate photography projects, the company has the experience to edit real estate photos on an extensive level. The real estate photo editors in the agency have in-depth insight on how to create a compelling property listing photo. The company is so confident in editing real estate photos that its motto is “Your Sale is Our goal”.

What is HDR Real Estate Photo Editing Service?

The full form of HDR stems from the High Dynamic Range. To put it simply, HDR photography is like combining photos with different light exposure into one picture. It’s an effective technique in editing real estate photos with darker environments. In the end, each of the photos blends into one and creates an ideal light condition on the real estate photos. 

The following technique is an asset for every real estate photo editor out in Louisiana. Because using HDR photos, you could capture the real estate in its true color. However, while editing real estate photos using HDR, the total number of samples must be divisible by 3. For example, your total image should be 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on.

Benefits of HDR Photo Editing Service for Real Estate

The HDR technique lets you edit real estate photos without damaging their aesthetics. Apart from the natural look, HDR editing holds other benefits as well. It’s like a magic wind for every real estate photo editor.

  • The HDR photo editing offers a perfect white balance on photos.
  • The HDR for real estate lets you capture and edit photos of properties in a low-light setup.
  • It lets you professionally edit photos without any noisy side effects on any real estate photos. 
  • In most cases, real estate image editing services use the HDR technique to capture twilight property photos.

Although using few online photo editors, you could edit photos online with automated HDR techniques. But, most online image maker platforms provide worse results. Often these editors create overexposure effects and burnout in the image right away. Thus, a manual examination of HDR gives you the correct aesthetics of real estate spaces.

Real Estate HDR Additional Questions

 Let’s put some answers to the popular questions regarding the real estate image editing services in Louisiana.

Should I Use HDR Photo Editing For Real Estate In Louisiana?

Most real estate photo editing companies use HDR photography. Have you seen fantastic property listing photos in big cities like New Orleans or  Baton Rouge? Most probably many of them feature HDR photography. Even, majority of high-rated photography courses suggest using HDR for low-lighting real estate photography. According to HomeJab, virtual dusks HDR photography improves the click-through rate by 300%.

When should I use HDR Real Estate Photography technique?

If you are in Louisiana and you need a property exterior/interior photo, real estate HDR photo editing services would be the best. Moreover, if you want to capture your property space with vivid color, HDR photo editing is the way to go. Since night scenes of property don’t feature enough lighting, HDR photo editing would let you improve the overall lighting and exposures.

Do Real Estate Photographers In Louisiana Use A Flash?

Local photographers in Louisiana use a combination of flash and HDR for real estate photography. Because, when they try to edit real estate photos some times HDR doesn’t work great. In these certain cases, professionals have to go for alternatives. Meanwhile, photographers tend to set up flash to get an ample amount of exposure to tricky property scenes. 


Real estate HDR photo editing Louisiana services are your one-stop solution for high-quality property images. Because the HDR technique has hefty advantages to turn your image into a vivid property image. 

On the contrary, retouching HDR images by yourself is a huge obstacle for commercial projects. Hence, it takes many years for real estate photo editors to master HDR techniques. And that’s where real estate HDR photo editing services can come to the rescue.

Whether you are selling your property in posh areas like Ruston or rural areas like Billy Hathorn, editing real estate photos is a must. Multiple statistics prove edited photos gather higher clicks and attention spans. And in turn, your real estate photography becomes an instant success. 

The Louisiana state has a handful of top-class photo editing services for photographers. Choose any of them to get right into the game.