How Long Does Depop Take To Ship And How Does It works?


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How Long Does Depop Take To Ship

Shipping times in online marketplaces vary from each other. While some take 7 days, others take more than 10 days. And, if you are a first-timer in Depop shopping, You might think, how long does Depop take to ship? And the answer is, 

After a buyer places an order on Depop, the seller has 7 days to pack and ship the goods. Then, the items should arrive at their destination within another 2 or 3 days. So, the delivery takes around 5-8 days to reach your destination.

Also, when you use Depop to ship an item, you can download a prepaid shipping label that Depop will provide. Additionally, after the shipment has been shipped, tracking will begin instantly. Read on to get the facts on Shipping with Depop, including estimated times and costs to available options.

How Long Does Depop Take To Ship?

Depop is a convenient website for the quick and easy shipment of goods. And this marketplace’s integrations with UPS, DHL, and the US Postal Service ensure timely and secure package delivery.

The seller needs at least 4 days and at most 7 days to have the products ready to ship. Even though it varies per supplier, an estimated 2 to 4 working days is the typical delivery time. The delivery period is reduced to about 1–3 business days when using express services.

However, if the product has yet to arrive after 7 business days, the consumer can contact Support to fix it. Note that if you made your purchase through one of the official platforms, the company promises to deliver the merchandise or give you a full refund.

How Does Depop Shipping work?

As we have already said the shipping processes are different in marketplaces. And it is not different in case of Depop. Apparently, the following is an overview of how the shipping process works on Depop:

Step 1: Your item will be packaged and shipped to the location listed on the receipt after making the transaction. (Always let your seller know if any things could be improved with this so they can issue you a refund.)

Step 2: When your order leaves their site, they will update the in-app shipping service or mark it as sent in the app.

Step 3: Verify the tracking details to keep track of your item’s delivery.

Step 4: You can notify the seller once your item arrives and provide feedback for your transaction.

What Is Depop’s Best Shipping Option?

It is entirely up to the seller to decide which delivery option to employ when selling on Depop. When selecting which option is ideal for you, you should take into account the following aspects.

Shipping With Depop Considerations

These are the considerations you have to take in mind when you are using Depop’s shipping process to get your item shipped:

  • Depop shipping rates: Package sizes and weight determine the shipping charges on Depop. Sizes offered on Depop range from small to extra-large. The only thing the vendor needs to do is figure out what type of shipment their product falls into.
  • Convenience: Using Depop’s shipping services is the easiest way to send items to buyers after making a sale on the app. They have a mechanism to instantly receive a prepaid shipping label through email and affix it to your package. You can then plan to drop it off at your local post office or in an authorized drop box. 
  • Insurance: Shipping insurance is available through Depop couriers if a product is lost or damaged in transit.

Considerations For Your Own Shipment

If you are ordering outside the country then you have choice to ship the product using your shipping options. In that case, these are the things you have to consider:

  • International Shipping Winner: Generally, you have to organize your shipping options if you provide international shipments. Because Depop Shipping will only be able to give you prepaid labels if you need to get the box through customs. Additionally, you can compare pricing by selecting various shipping providers if you ship independently.
  • Flexible Shipping Prices: It can sometimes be more affordable to arrange the package shipment. This has the effect of occasionally allowing you to reduce spending. But it’s a lot more work than using a prepaid label.
  • Remember to Track: When you use Depop for your shipping needs, your packages will always be traceable. However, when handling shipments on your own, be careful to include tracking information. You need tracking information to know if the item was sent or received.

How Much Are Shipping Rates On Depop?

The Depop brand is well-known for its modest shipping pricing. Depop’s prices are as follows:

  • Cost for extra large packages: 17$
  • Cost for large packages: 12$
  • Cost for Medium packages: 9 $
  • Cost for small packages: 4.75$

What Should You Do If The Seller Does Not Ship The Item?

Not getting the item shipped on time is a common problem we face almost in all marketplaces. Commonly, there are various reasons of these problems. Additionally, all the marketplaces have their own way to handle such issues. The following are some solutions you can do if the Depop vendor does not respond or arrange for Shipping:

1. If the seller hasn’t yet shipped your item, you may either send them a note via the app or utilize the “Remind to Ship” feature.

2. You also have the option to cancel the order by navigating to Profile > Purchased > In Progress > The Order and selecting the Cancel Order option from there. 

Note: Please be aware that you will only be able to cancel the order if it has yet to be dispatched.

Does Depop pay for return shipping?

If you cancel the entire order through the app’s refund button, you’ll get your money back plus the shipping label cost. If you’ve been given a partial refund and want the shipping label refunded, you have to contact Support, and they’ll take care of it for you.

Which shipping method is the cheapest?

The size, weight, distance, and timing of delivery of an item, among other things, will all affect how cheaply it can be shipped. The least expensive delivery alternatives are often USPS Priority Mail, USPS Media Mail, or USPS First-Class Mail. 

Is Shipping with Depop easier?

Yes, Depop Shipping is quick, simple, and offers excellent pricing, especially for larger packages. However, USPS labels are the sole option, and the rates for small things could be more impressive. As an alternative, self-shipping allows you to choose your service and may offer more affordable possibilities.

How much does Depop take from the seller?

Depop charges a 10% fee that the seller must pay. Once an item is sold, Depop retains 10% of the total transaction price, which includes shipping charges. The cost will automatically be collected from your Depop account if you have a linked PayPal or credit card.

Final Verdict

Depop is a fantastic app connecting customers with global vendors to shop locally or support small businesses. Depop gives the vendor a wide range of customization options from which to choose the most appropriate route for their business. 

For your convenience, I described all about how long does Depop take to ship, including as well as other Depop shipping-related topics. I hope it will make it easier for you to shop on Depop from now.


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