15 Amazing Tips On How To Increase Sales On Mercari


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How To Increase Sales On Mercari

The world is getting digital, and so is business. From fashion to food, everything is now available online. And Mercari is one of the e-commerce platforms famous among the users to sell and buy their goods.

Gradually, the popularity of this platform is rising. But, besides that, the competition is also at its peak. That’s why sometimes it gets hard for sellers to increase the sales on Mercari manually. So, there rises the demand to apply some tricks. In this article, we’ve listed some practical tricks and tips to increase sales on Mercari.

15 Useful Tips To Increase Sales On Mercari

Increasing the sales on e-commerce platforms like Mercari is more psychological and technical than being emotional. Here, you will not get the scope to connect with the shopper directly. So, there are some essential techniques you have to apply. These tips we’ve listed are all successfully applied on several platforms and resulted surprisingly. Follow up to apply those tips on your listings and get the expected increase on Mercari sales.

Optimize your listings 

To increase the sales on Mercari, you should optimize the listings correctly. Optimizing the listings means making the listings uniquely represented to the platform. When your listings are optimized, they will show up on the top, and you will get more sales. The things you have to do to optimize your listing is:

  • Add catchy titles with a creative sense. Use words like unique, rare, and limited edition in the headline.
  • Write descriptions that include reliable information about the product. Keep it short but descriptive. Meanwhile, do not push extravagant words in the description. Just write what needs to be written.
  • List the product adequately categorized. It will help the shoppers find the product easily if they search for a specific category.
  • Use hashtags when listing the products. It will make the product recognizable by the platform, and they will give you a rank faster.
  • Be honest with your customers. Provide trustworthy information and do not mislead with something that your product doesn’t have.

Target Right Times To List Your Items

Timing is essential to keep track of when listing e-commerce platforms and social media. Most people remain engaged in the e-commerce platforms during free times like lunch or after office hours. According to the reports on SaleCycle

“In 2019, Mondays and Thursdays were the most popular days of the week for online shopping, and the peak time of day for eCommerce occurred between 8 pm and 9 pm.”

“In 2020, Wednesdays and Thursdays were the best days for eCommerce sales and the peak hour for eCommerce was between 10 am, and 11 am with a second peak at 8 pm and 9 pm.”

Depending on these statements, you have to make listings during the most engaging times to get the highest sales.

Sell Authentic Products

In your business, your face is your product. And no matter how to string your marketing strategy, if your product is not good enough. Also, if the product fails to satisfy the shoppers, no customer will come back, and you will not be able to scale up the business. So, try to sell authentic products always. That’s how you will be able to increase your sales on Mercari.

Make Sure Your Account Is Verified

verify Your Mercari account

The account verification part is so essential to running the business on Mercari. It keeps the account secured and reduces the risks of banning. Also, verified accounts get more reach than non-verified ones. So, make sure your account is verified.

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Post catchy images

Whether offline or online, the presentation of the product is the key to attracting buyers. And, when you decide to list your items in Mercari, you should add some catchy images. So, try to shoot the pictures using DSLRs. First, edit the photos at their best. Then, get professional help to ensure the adequately clipped and touched images.

Write properly detailed descriptions

Where do you think the shoppers get the idea of the product from? It is from the description. The description discusses everything about the product. Also, a properly optimized description helps to rank the product on the platform. So, write detailed descriptions with factual information about the product. And make sure you do not discuss anything your product doesn’t have in real.

Keep relisting the products

Relisting or repeatedly listing the previously listed items is an excellent initiative to increase sales. Likely, the old listings lose their rank gradually as hundreds of products get updated on the platforms regularly. So, relisting the products helps the products to get back in position again and increase sales.

Launch Offers to Attract

Offers always attract, no matter in garage sales or e-commerce platforms. Also, with attractive offers, you can attract shoppers to buy in no time. Therefore, launching new offers when listing is a great move to increase the sales on mercari.

Try to sell branded products

Ecommerce Product Photo Editing Sample Image 3

Instead of selling random products in the online market, try to sell branded ones. Because when you work with branded products from established brands, you do not have to create any marketing strategies. Also, branded products will help gain the buyers’ trust easily. 

Set the price wisely

When setting the price of your goods, always make a good survey and a proper competitor analysis. Neither increase the price more than your competitors or decrease the price. If you raise more, it will create a negative impact; if you reduce much, it will make the product’s quality questionable. So, keep the price competitive so it attracts shoppers. 

Be responsive to the customers

In the e-commerce business, being responsive to your buyers is essential. Whether the buyer wants to buy or ask something from you, be polite and give a response. It will positively impact the shopper’s mind and help you with the sales.

Subscribe the Mercari pro seller program

Each e-commerce platform offers pro-seller programs. And Mercari is no different. For example, subscribing to the pro seller program of Mercari will help you get ranked quickly, and you will show on your listing faster than regular accounts. Though this program might cost you a few bucks, the increased sales will recover the cost.

Apply the crossposting technique

Crossposting is a fantastic technique to increase e-commerce sales. Crossposting means displaying the product on multiple e-commerce platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Mercari, etc., at a time. It helps you to get more shoppers. And more shoppers mean increased sales. You might be thinking this crossposting will take so much time, but the good news is that dedicated applications are available made only for crossposting.

Display your items with models

Model Photography Example

If you are considering selling fashion products, show your products to models. It will get the attention of the buyers faster, and they will get a visual of how the product will look on a human body. And ultimately it will help to increase the sales.

Work on the ratings and reviews

The reviews and ratings you get on the e-commerce platform are your portfolios. So, always be conscious of your reviews and the rating you secure. To increase the excellent review and ratings, be good with the shoppers, sell authentic and original products, keep customer service and returning policy, etc. With the wonderful review and ratings, your Mercari sales will gradually increase.


Increasing sales on Mercari or any e-commerce platform is not a tough job if you know the proper techniques. And the techniques we have listed are all tested to result in an effective increase in Mercari sales. 

The image part is the most essential of all the discussed tricks. If the image is not good, the listing will lose its attraction. So, always use the best photos of goods in the listings, so the customers get attracted at a glance. If you can’t do it independently, seek professional help.