How To Get Back On Mercari After Being Banned



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How To Get Back On Mercari After Being Banned

Like other well-known e-commerce platforms, Mercari runs its user accounts by certain rules and regulations. Any violation of the rules can make you subject to serious banning. But what happens after the ban? Will the ban make you out of Mercari forever?

No, it will not! Only if you know how to get back on Mercari after being banned. And in this recovery process, this article will help you. Not only will you get to know the recovery process but also the reasons for getting banned and the verification process.

What Can Get My Mercari Account Suspended?

Several reasons can cause the suspension of your Mercari account. And each of them is equally responsible for the banning consequences. The items that are prohibited in Mercari are:

Trading Prohibited Items

Trading the prohibited items in the Mercari is the most common reason to get banned. So, you have to be careful what you are going to trade. The prohibited items are:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, illegal medicine, and Drug Ingredients
  • Illegal goods and weapons
  • Goods without FDA approval
  • Fake, stolen, smuggled products
  • Third party products
  • Bonds, stocks, etc.
  • Live trafficked animals
  • Goods that promote hate crime and racism
  • Virus-infected hardware and software

Violation of the Terms

All e-commerce platform runs by certain terms and conditions. These terms or rules are so necessary to keep the operations in order. Also, the violations of the terms can cause banning or suspension. The specific kind of terms you will get in Mercari are:

  • Buyer rules
  • Seller rules
  • Sales tax policy
  • DMCA policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Safety Guidelines
  • Electronic Communications Delivery Policy

Note: You can get the terms and conditions on the official site of Mercari.

Unprofessional and Questionable Manner

Behaving unprofessionally on the Mercari platform can also make you subject to a permanent or certain period of ban. The manners that are considered unprofessional and questionable by mercari are:

  • Frequent returns and cancellations
  • Engagement in hate crime and violence
  • applying codes that are malicious
  • Violating the National or State Law
  • Hampering the policies of Mercari
  • Practicing fraudulent activities

Non-verified Account

Account verification is a must when you are considering trading in an authorized e-commerce platform like Mercari. The verification of the account allows the platform to keep track of the users. Also, it ensures the safety of both the buyers and sellers and helps the federal government. Furthermore, to take proper actions against fraud and money laundering. 

This verification process demands some submission of papers and initial information. If you are missing any information or your account is not verified properly, you might get banned from the platform. However, the banning because of non-verification is not permanent. Once you properly verify your account, then you will get the account back.

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Here’s How to verify Your Mercari account

Mercari account verification is very simple. You do not have to do a lot but follow some easy steps. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. First, go to your profile.
  2. Then, enter the trust and verification page.
  3. Next, add the phone number there.
  4. Finally, you will receive a four-digit code from mercari. Enter the code, and you are all good to go.

This is the initial process to verify. If this doesn’t get your account back, you should go to your profile again and look for other verifications. if you get all the verifications done correctly, your Mercari account will get verified within 48 hours.

How to Recover My Mercari Account From Ban

Suppose you have already got the ban from Mercari and finding no way out. No worries! There are legit ways to get your account back. The ways you can get back your Mercari account after being banned are:

Appeal To Mercari

Mercari has an appeal option after they ban you from the platform. To appeal, you have to contact the customer support service. After contacting the service, you must tell them your account is banned. Once they track your account, they will let you know why it is banned. Then, you have to solve the issues. After you solve whatever problem is shown, your account will be unbanned. 

Here’s how to appeal. First, open the banning notification sent by mercari and go to the appeal option. Enter all the required data and write your appeal in the description box. Finally, submit the form and wait for the reply from Mercari. This process may take 3-4 days. So wait till you get the reply if you do not get the response on time.

Note: if the reason for you is permanent or facing unsolvable issues, then you will not get the account back.

Change the Device, phone number, or e-mail.

Sometimes mercari can ban a device if it is not recognized. The device banning process is easier because all the devices have different identities nowadays. Besides devices, the platform can also ban certain e-mail and phone numbers. So changing these things can uplift the ban and restore the account. However, if you do not have the financial state to change the Device now, just use Mercari web or change your ISP.

Uninstall and Install Mercari

As we know, every application caches the data you input. The mercari is not different. However, if you have been using the Mercari app on your Device for so long, then you might not be able to recover or open a new account. So, uninstall the application directly and make sure. Then, again install the app. Hopefully, you can open a new account without getting banned.

Can you make another Mercari account?

You can use multiple Mercari accounts but use two different people’s identities. Mercari US officially states in their tweet, “We allow multiple accounts at the same address as long as it is two different people. We may require additional verification.”

Is My Mercari Account Suspended Indefinitely?

The indefinite suspension by Mercari means your account is banned permanently. However, sometimes the banning happens because of fixable issues. After fixing those issues, you may get back the account.

Does Mercari Ban Device?

Mercari can ban a device if multiple accounts are logged in from that Device. The system of Mercari recognizes the device’s identity, and operating multiple accounts from a single Device violates their rules. So, they ban the Device for violation of terms.

Does Mercari block IP addresses?

Like devices, Mercari can ban IP addresses too. For example, if multiple accounts logged in from the same IP address, Mercari might block the account. But, you can use different types of accounts from the same IP address, like a seller and a Buyer account.


Being banned in Mercari is annoying and stressful if you use this platform to display and sell your goods. Also, as a buyer, the banning can get you out from getting some excellent stuff. But the ways to get back on Mercari after being banned we have described are proven to be effective and might help you solve your issues too. 

Yet, there are some banning reasons which are serious violations. If you have made one of those, the chance is less that you get your account back.