How To Sell On GOAT (Ultimate Strategy)


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How To Sell On GOAT

Have a bunch of sneakers that you don’t use anymore? Better sell it off into GOAT. If you are new to selling stuff online, let’s learn how to sell on GOAT. For anyone living under a rock, GOAT is a fantastic online platform to sell products ranging from sneakers to T-shirts. 

Looking closely, many sellers are making hefty amounts selling used shoes. Sure, it could be a great hobby, but it can also give you extra cash in your pocket.

Although learning to sell online might seem overwhelming, it shouldn’t be. The GOAT selling process is simpler than Amazon, eBay, or any other selling platform.

Learning More About GOAT

Even though you may know GOAT, let’s briefly introduce the platform. In a nutshell, the GOAT is one kind of online buy-sell platform. Their main selling item is sneakers, yet, you could sell apparel like shirts, bags, and caps. It’s sort of a middleman when you try to sell items.

One of the best parts about GOAT, you have the option to sell both used and new sneakers. GOAT has plenty of users looking for used sneakers. As you list your sneakers with proper detail, people will flood through your listing to buy them out. 

Deciding What To Sell On GOAT

In the french, which item to sell on GOAT? “Sneakers’ or “Shoes” are popular. Even if you have used sneakers left in your closet, list it out on GOAT. Many sellers are visiting their old sneakers on GOAT and getting a good buck. Your shoes would be good to go with reasonable pricing and proper listing.

Although GOAT was only available for sneakers in the past, now sellers can sell other items as well. These items include things like shirts, jackets, sunglasses, and so on. You could start selling sneakers and later expand into other products.

Steps on Selling via GOAT App

A Steps on Selling via GOAT App

Let’s take a closer look at the steps to sell on GOAT. As a new seller on the platform, you must go through these steps. Managing these steps means you will start getting sales with ease.

1. Account Creation

One of the first steps is to – create your GOAT seller account – and wait a bit. While creating your account, insert all authentic info about you. The more you provide actual info, the more is the change your account will get passed.

As GOAT is getting more than enough applications, they approve only a few numbers of sellers. After you create and submit your account, it’s up to the GOAT approval team. Be patient while waiting for the approval statement in your email inbox. 

2. Sourcing

The good news, your account has been approved, and you are free to sell. As a next step, you need to start collecting and sourcing your products. For instance, you could go into the wholesale market to grab some of the sneakers. Or you could list sneakers that you don’t use anymore.

Having a solid source of products will streamline your selling experience on GOAT. You will have the scope to focus on selling the sneakers other than scratching your head on sourcing. Keep the product sourcing stable.

3. List Items

At the current stage, you are ready to start listing your products into GOAT. To do so, you need to install the mobile app from Playstore or the Apple store. Once you have installed the app, go into the sell tab. Afterward, simply provide all the information the app is asking you.

During the listing process, you need to enter info like pricing, SKU number, and photos. Similarly, if you are selling used sneakers, don’t forget to include them. You may need to enter some additional photos featuring the scratches your sneakers have.

Note: If your sneakers photos are unclear, the GOAT team might not approve your listing. Consider applying product photo editing techniques to make product images better. 

4. Shipping

Now the good part, you got the first sale on GOAT. First of all, accept from your account. Once you are done, choose the option named “Generate Label.” Afterward, the GOAT authority will send a pre-shipping address label to you. Make sure to use it out to ship the product.

Keep in mind that the condition should be the same as in the picture. Otherwise, it’s better to cancel the order. It would help you avoid misunderstanding between you and the customer who brought the shoe.

Tricks On Selling Products Faster on GOAT

Many of us ask how long it takes to sell on GOAT. No one likes to add an infinite amount of listings with no sale. One of the key lessons you should learn is how to get faster sales. Learning these will help you get a quick sneaker sale.

  • Set Proper Pricing: Setting competitive pricing can lead you far ahead of competitors on GOAT. It will get you under the buyer’s attention.
  • Take Proper Listing Image: A better-looking shoe listing will be convenient for even not-so-interested buyers. Take each photo as clear and vivid as possible.
  • Write Better Description: Adding better descriptions means more info for buyers. Plus, it will help you optimize your lecithin for search engine traffic.

Why Should You Consider Selling on the GOAT App

Unlike any other buy-sell platform, GOAT is a safe platform for anyone to sell. You don’t have any sort of risk of losing your money. Furthermore, you don’t need to go back and forth on the pricing. The whole process is smooth and provides you peace of mind while selling your favorite sneakers.

Most of all, GOAT is super easy for sellers and buyers. All of the functions are easy to get into and provide ease. Plus, you as a seller get payment faster as the item gets shipped to the buyer.

Things To Remember While Selling On GOAT App

Among all of the upsides, the GOAT app also has some drawbacks. For example, the GOAT approval process is sluggish. It takes at least a few days to approve from account to listing approval. 

Moreover, you must be mindful of the GOAT return policy as well. The policy has some conditions you should know to sell on the GOAT app. If you have a slight understanding of its approval process and policy, it would be fine to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s talk about some of the FAQs that you should know.

How Do GOAT Ships To Customers?

First off, you need to send the product to the GOAT warehouse. Because before GOAT sends the product to the customer, they authenticate the product. As a result, the GOAT gets to send original products without any change of future dispute.

How Will I Get My Payments?

Once your sale is validated, you will get credits on your GOAT account. You only need to get into the GOAT App; afterward, get into the sell tab > Credit > Cash out. Either the cash will get into your bank account or be deposited into PayPal.

How Does The GOAT Authority Verify Our Items?

As usual, when you as a seller send your items to them, the team starts reviewing them. For example, they would verify if the information on the listing matches the original products at all. They would definitely double-check the quality of the sneaker or the shirt.


Learning how to sell on GOAT might take some time. But, with few mistakes can happen, but you will learn to set up a listing and ship the products. The GOAT is a great buy-sell platform for anyone to sell different sorts of sneakers and other products. 

The functions are easy to learn and beneficial to avoiding any kind of back-and-forth negotiation, which is why it’s a great platform to get into and sell your items. Even if you have a bunch of used sneakers, you could simply list them, start selling and get cash in.