Can You Return Shoes on Goat If They Don’t Fit?



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Can You Return Shoes on Goat

Imagine, ordering a nice-looking shoe on GOAT but it turns out to be a ripped one. What should be the next step and can you return shoes on GOAT? The short answer is, Yes. But you need to get into other conditions as well. We will talk about them right now.

Even though you have the option to return the delivered shoe, you must look out for some conditions. The GOAT return policy has some sort of rules which should go in your favor.

Once you stay within the guideline, you will eventually return the shoe to GOAT right away.

GOAT Return Policy

To put it simply, the GOAT Return policy does accept your return request. But it should be within their conditions. You must obey the following conditions. We are mentioning them in the next section. These conditions are not too strict at all, yet possible to get aligned as well. 

Note: You only have 3 days to return your shoes on GOAT.

In such cases where your condition is not matching up, the GOAT may not accept your return. Hence, you may need to accept their conditions as a result. However, you could take some time to learn more about the GOAT return policy.

Conditions To Return Shoes On GOAT

As we have mentioned earlier, you must be sure of returning within 3 days of delivery. Anything beyond that will not count as a return at all. In addition to the daily limit, you have some additional conditions to go through. 

  • Don’t forget to save the slip of the return and the packaging of your item.
  • Make sure the sneaker is intact as you get it from the GOAT.
  • Take the step within the 3-day mark and send the package as fast as possible.

How To Get Refund After Returning

Once you submit the return request, GOAT can take up to 7 days to verify. After the staff verifies and confirms your return, they will send you a refund as GOAT credit. These credits will be automatically added to your GOAT online account.  

Unfortunately, the GOAT doesn’t give you cash back or anything. Instead, you have to spend the credits to buy other products on the site. The credits are sent into your account right after the in-house team approves your refund request.

Should I Have To Bear The Return Shipping Cost

Even though GOAT bears the shipping cost, they don’t cover up the return shipping. It means, you need to fund the return shipping and of course within the 3 days mark. This is why make sure to have some money in savings so you could send your sneakers back to GOAT.

But, you might have some sort of questions like, what if I don’t pay for the return shipping cost? In such cases, you may not be able to send the sneakers back. Plus, the GOAT will not bear it for you at any given moment. 

How Much Time Will Need To Receive Refund

Apart from returning the sneaker, if you cancel the order right away, a refund will be available. According to the GOAT refund policy, they might end up taking 3 to 5 business days. Hence, wait a bit for the refund and you will get it all back through the payment method you have used.

But, keep in mind, the GOAT will not give any sort of refund on return shoes. Instead, you only get GOAT credits on your account. 

When I Can’t Return Shoes On The GOAT?

If you forgot to return the shoe within the 3-day mark from the delivery, your return won’t be granted. Even if you send the product after 3 days, the result stays the same. It might seem a bit tough, but you must know it before you place an order on GOAT.

In addition, when you may have used the sneaker and left new scratches, the review team might notice it. They might not cancel the request but it may complicate the process. When you have made up your mind for returning, it’s safe to keep the sneaker in its original condition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take on some of the questions related to the return policy of the GOAT.

What If I Asked To Return After 7 Days?

As we have mentioned, your return request will not be valid after the 3rd day of delivery. You must make up your mind before the following mark. Hence, when you send the shoe or sneaker back after 7 days, the GOAT customer service will not offer you any sort of refund. Keeping the fact in mind will help you in every direction.

Can Someone Claim Return Via Call?

No, you won’t be able to claim a return via call. Other methods such as chatting and in-person talking will not work either. The best approach should be to email the GOAT support as fast as possible. Afterward, ship your package as fast as possible.

Does GOAT Return Sporting Merchandise?

As per GOAT’s return policy, they don’t return sporting merchandise. However, you need to email the authority for reviewing your return request. You would get a proper response within a few days. Make sure you keep on conversion and try to convince the review team.

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As many new customers ask, can you return shoes on GOAT if they don’t fit? We always answer, Yes. Because with the right procedures you could send the sneaker shoe back. Plus, you will get a return GOAT credit to shop for other sneakers. 

On the other hand, if you cancel an order right after placing an order, you will get cashback. Either way, you go, make sure you check out the shoe closely before placing the order.

Go through the information you get and verify before hitting the order button. In such ways, everything will go your way.