How Long Does It Take To Sell On GOAT (Definitive Answer)



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How Long Does It Take To Sell On GOAT

GOAT is widely known for selling trendy sneakers online throughout the world. But as a new seller, some might still wonder how long does it take to sell on GOAT? Well, to get to know it, you need to get into its approval time and the rest of the steps.

How long you need to sell depends on the time you spent on sourcing and listing the sneakers. Afterward, a few days may pass through as the GOAT staff approves your listing.

Once the sneaker is on the listing board, now it’s up to customers to get in contact with you. On average, the whole process might take 2-3 days. Keep on reading to learn more about selling on this amazing buy-sell platform.

Learning About The GOAT

The GOAT is an online platform known for selling sneakers. Well, they don’t sell their sneakers, it’s the people who list their sneaker sets to sell. Some list brand new pairs of sneakers while others offer their shoes at a cheap rate. 

Whether you believe it or not, it’s a huge platform with around 30 million users. In addition, their mobile app is easy to use and lists sneakers. As sellers have to provide almost all details of scratches people find it more trustworthy to buy on GOAT.

How Long Does It Take To Sell On GOAT

As we have mentioned earlier, you need to go through a few steps to sell on GOAT. Below is a rough estimation of the time you may need for each step. 

  • Collecting the Shoes (1 Day): When you source sneakers from wholesale stores or other places you may need at least 1 day. But if a sneaker is sitting in your closet and you want to sell it, you don’t need to waste your entire day.
  • Taking Pictures(3 minutes): With the use of the GOAT mobile app, you may need somewhere between 3 minutes to complete the photo session. On other hand, arranging the Photosetup might cost you an extra bit of minutes or so.
  • Providing Additional Info(2 minutes): You need to provide additional information to stay transparent to the customer. For instance, you need to take pictures of the scratches your used sneakers have. All of these will take around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Waiting for Approval(up to 7 Days): After submitting the listings, the GOAT review team can take up to 7 days to approve. But, don’t get me wrong; many of us got approval within 3 days of submission. Stay busy on other tasks while the review team gets you back with an email.

Why Does the GOAT Take Long to Verify Photos?

We all have been to these days where GOAT is taking a long to verify our listings. It might seem intended, but in reality, the approval team has to check all of the info. 

Things To Do For Faster Sell On GOAT

After some trial and error, we have found some of the things which you must follow to gain higher sales. For example, taking a proper image will help you to increase sales right away. But in case you fall behind capturing fine images, make sure to learn product photo editing tricks.

In addition, you must provide descriptive info so your buyers can get all the info a lot faster. Adding descriptive info improves conversion as it offers more info about the product. Talking about the sales, make sure you try to source a diverse set of products, which of course, must have huge demand in the market.

Comparing Between GOAT vs StockX

While the GOAT is great at selling all sorts of sneakers, the StockX is a bit different. According to an experienced StockX reseller, the platform is good to sell hyped or flagship sneakers. Plus, StockX is not selling shoes only. You could find a whole range of products. On other hand, GOAT is exclusively for sneakers.

Surprisingly, StockX has a good reputation when it comes to customer service. Plus, it’s a popular site to buy all sorts of things. The dashboard is a lot clearer than what GOAT has. But still, GOAT is doing great in comparison to Stock X.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s get into some of the common questions on GOAT.

How Fast Can You Sell Second-Hand Sneakers On GOAT

The speed of selling second-hand sneakers on GOAT depends on the approval time of your listing. For some people, it could be around 1 day and for others, it can go around 7 days as well. Hence, no one can predict the approval time of the GOAT, and often it’s unpredictable.

How Fast Does GOAT Make Payments

According to the payment policy of the GOAT, they make payment within 2 to 3 business days. In general, it doesn’t exceed the period when it comes to the payment. This is why you need to count the days after you submitted the payment request. 

How Long Does It Take To Resell Sneakers On GOAT

The time it takes to resell sneakers on GOAT varies a lot depending on your sneakers. Plus, your marketing efforts can lead to superfast sales online. Hence, with a bad marketing policy, you may end up with tons of time wasted only listing products on GOAT. 


Now you have got the answer on how long does it take to sell on GOAT. Well, in reality, no one can either confirm how long it may take you to sell. To make sure the odds are hitting your way, follow all the listing tips given by the GOAT.

Alongside, you should consider getting your hands dirty in Social sharing. Not only will it reach your product to more customers, but your sales will also start increasing well. 

Even if the cells start to come in at a slow rate, keep patience. It would be the difference between you and all others who have left GOAT in between.

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