How To Sell Clothes On Amazon | Best Practices for 2023


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How To Sell Clothes On Amazon

Want to know the best practices on how to sell clothes on Amazon? Right on the following post, we will explain each step of setting up a complete Amazon clothing store. These steps are essential for anyone who wants to sell clothes online and kickstart their journey as an online store owner using an online store builder.

It’s evident, selling clothes on Amazon is a great way to earn money online. However, you must follow specific guidelines to ensure better growth of your online store. Let’s explore all of the best practices key to setting up stores and selling clothing products through Amazon.

How to Sell Clothes On Amazon: Step by Step Guide

Now we would go over complete guidelines on how to sell on Amazon. It would help you set your own Amazon online clothing shop super fast. In addition, we would talk about best practices you should follow along the way.

Setup your Amazon Seller Account

Setup your Amazon Seller Account

Amazon offers you two different seller accounts to get in. The first one is an Individual, and the other one is a Pro Seller Account. Both are great for sellers and offer essential utilities. Yet, the Pro plan gives you extra features and benefits altogether. Below is a short brief of each one.

Individual: If you plan to sell on a smaller scale, an Individual account would be perfect. The individual account covers most basic facilities to start selling on Amazon. Plus, you would have to pay 0.99$ per item sold.

Professional: If you aim to sell 40+ items each month, the Pro seller account would be great to go. You get all advanced features like APIs, reports, Advertising tools, and so on. The Pro account requires $39.99 per month.

sign up for Amazon Selling Plan

You could sign up for either account on the Amazon Selling Plan webpage.

Apply for Approval

Once you complete creating an Amazon seller account, it’s time to apply for approval. Specific categories like Clothing need additional verifications. To verify your account on Amazon, go to the Verify Info page. Then apply for approval according to the category. 

Keep in mind; Amazon takes a little bit of time to approve your seller account. Don’t lose patience right away.

Create and Optimize Your Listings

Create and Optimize amazon Listings

First, check if your product is similar to the existing Amazon product catalog. Go into the Seller Central dashboard, select the “Add a Product” option from the Inventory drop-down menu. Then add items matching existing products on Amazon.

If your product doesn’t match with the existing Product catalog, create a new one. You would get the option to create a new Amazon product detail page in the “Add a Product” section. Afterward, start listing out the product.

Optimizing Listings: You need to optimize your product listings to have better conversion. Making sure your products are optimized would ensure much traffic on your clothing products. Below are the tips you should follow.

  • Create titles with proper information about the product. For example, make sure to include clothing brand name, collection, color, material, and others.
  • Photograph top-quality clothing images and add them to your Amazon listing. The image must obey Amazon image requirements as well.
  • Add relevant and top-rated keywords into the product description. You could add generic keywords to your products on the Amazon detail page. It would let clothing customers find your products faster.

Fulfillment Methods

Amazon offers two popular fulfillment methods to you as a  seller. These are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM). Each of them has its upsides and downsides. Let’s talk a bit about these.

In Amazon Fulfillment, let’s send clothing products right into the Amazon warehouse. On behalf of you, Amazon performs fulfillment, solves customer issues, ships items, and so on. You get an additional boost in your product visibility and other factors as well. The only catch is, the overall charge is higher altogether.

On the contrary, Merchant Fulfillment lets you handle all the back-end processes. You have to manage the packaging, shipping, customer query, and so on. The best part is, the charges are less as you are handling all of the processes.

Which one to choose depends a lot on you. But Clothing is far easier to package and ship. For instance, many entrepreneurs are selling boutique clothing on Amazon by themself. So, you might take the chance or go with Amazon fulfillment. 


Promotion Amazon Product

At last, it’s time to start selling clothes on Amazon and promote your items. You could use ad campaigns and tools to increase customer attention. Thus, a better promotion makes sure you get positive reviews on your clothing products faster.

You could use the following tricks to learn how to sell clothes online with killer promotions:

  • Keep a solid social media presence and use proper hashtags.
  • Go for Amazon automatic or manual ads.
  • Offer coupon codes, discounts, gift vouchers, and others.
  • Hire influencers to let your brand connect with wider audiences.
  • Add a daily discount feature on your Amazon clothing products. 

You can also try to promote your product over Facebook. Nowadays this social platform is a gem for product marketing. They have a dedicated marketplace for selling products.

Tips on Finding Out Clothing Product Supplier

To find the right clothing supplier to sell on Amazon, check out the following options. You could go for any of the below product sourcing options. It would ensure a consistent clothing product supply for your Amazon eCommerce store. 

Retail Arbitrage: On retail arbitrage, you go into retail stores with more significant discounts on clothes. It’s a bit hard to find lucrative deals on Clothing with Arbitrage. To make the process easier, you could use an online Arbitrage platform as well.

Wholesale: At wholesale product sourcing, you get to purchase clothing products in bulk. As a result, you get better rates and commissions on every sale. Try out websites like SaleHoo, Big Lots, and others to get lucrative wholesale deals on clothes.

B2B Marketplace: You could use B2B platforms like Alibaba to get reasonably priced clothing items. The website has a massive collection of fashion clothing products to let you choose for your Amazon shop.

Why Sell Clothes Online?

Selling online is far more lucrative than you might think. For example, selling clothes on amazon costs less than regular business. The best part is, you get to manage your store from any place around the world. It’s an excellent opportunity to have your side.

Moreover, the scalability of an eCommerce business is easy and fast. You don’t have to get into a hassle to make it profitable. This is why You should consider selling clothes on online selling platforms. Above, we have explained the step-by-step guide on how to sell on Amazon. 

Right now, we will go over some of the frequently asked questions on selling on Amazon.

How To Sell Clothes Online From Home?

If you want to know how to sell clothes online from home, first complete setting up your Amazon online store. Afterward, you could choose the Fulfilled by Amazon option. You only have to send your clothes to the warehouse. And Amazon would take care of packaging, shipping, and others.

How Much Can You Make Selling Clothes On Amazon?

Depending upon sales volume, you could earn approx $600 to up to $2000 each month. Sellers with previous experience can generate a higher share of revenue out of their Amazon clothing store.  Make sure you follow all the steps, and the sale will start crawling up. In short, the earning potential is limitless.

How To Price Clothes To Sell Online?

While selling your clothes on Amazon, the retail and your item price ratio should be at least 70:100. It means if your clothing retail price is 70$, you must set the price at least 100$ on the Amazon store. 

The Bottom Line

That was our preferred guide on how to sell clothes on Amazon. We have also gone through best practices to follow while setting up your first Amazon clothing store. Meanwhile, setting up an online store is just the beginning of the journey. You have to manage your store in an exemplary manner.

Yet, if you want to ease off the pressure, choosing Amazon Fulfilment would be a good option. But, in case you crave complete control of your inventory, select Fulfillment Merchant. Either way, you must keep on adding high-quality clothing products to your online store. Plus, don’t forget to run promotional stuff on your clothing items as you wish.